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The Biggest Party Animal of the Zodiac, According to Astrologers

They work the room like it's no one's business.

We all appreciate a good party every now and then. Whether you prefer to turn up at a sports bar or a dinner party with fancy mocktails, celebrations give us something to look forward to and look back on fondly. While you're out painting the town red, you've probably noticed that some of your friends and acquaintances work the room—and maybe even the dance floor—more energetically than others. Astrologers say these people may share more than a penchant for fun and excitement—they could also have the same horoscope sign. Here, astrology experts tell us the biggest party animal zodiac signs, from small-group socializers to those who are always ready to rage.

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Friends having pot-luck dinner

You might be surprised to see Cancer the crab—a sign more famous for hiding in its shell than putting itself out on the social scene—on a list of the biggest party animals. But hear us out: Cancers can rock a small-group event. "They're known for their sociability and desire to share their emotions and worries with those around them," says Alice Alta, resident astrologer for the Futurio app. This means they thrive at dinner parties and low-key gatherings where conversation is king. "A typical Cancer is an inborn psychologist, but the talent is revealed only if a Crab feels comfortable and secure in their company," says Alta. "During a big event, they may get confused, but in the circle of their loved ones, their communication skills are undeniable."


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This air sign adores small parties and big crowds alike. "They love socializing, getting info, and discussing the latest news with everyone around them," says Alta. "They can also easily make new acquaintances." For a Gemini, the more exclusive a party, the better, says Tara Bennetprofessional astrologer and spiritual coach at MediumChat. "Their charisma shines through as they easily direct conversations from one topic to the next," she continues. "No dinner is complete without a Gemini at the table." Get them a seat at the most hard-to-book restaurant in your city and they'll be there in an instant, ready to dazzle the group with their curiosity and cleverness.

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This energetic and extroverted sign takes a "more the merrier" approach to partying. "Bored easily, Aries flit from one party to the next, seeking out new thrills and excitement," says Bennet. "Their social calendar is packed to the brim, often attending three parties in one night." While they're the first sign of the zodiac—which often leads them to be pushy and impatient—they're often the last ones to arrive at a fête. "[This is] simply to build the anticipation of their arrival amongst other party-goers," says Bennet. Hey, they know how to make an entrance.


Group of friends having drinks at the night club party. Young people enjoying at a bar toasting cocktails.

At large group events, "Sagittarius is likely to party hearty," says Alta. An independent, free-thinking, and adventurous sign, Saggies are just as likely to plan a group bar crawl as they are to be the de facto social chair of their friend group. "They love to show their authority and are likely to try to chat with as many people as possible," says Alta. "It's typical of Sags to share something interesting, give advice, and wait for praise in return." It's no wonder Sagittarius is also one of the loudest zodiac signs, too.

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Libra's are natural networkers and diplomats, which means it's second nature for them to work the room. "Libra's are renowned for being social butterflies," says Bennet. "Their charismatic nature, wit, and lust for fun mean they are at the top of most guest lists." This is another sign that thrives on exclusivity. "Libras go out of their way to make friends with the movers and shakers that influence the events calendar," Bennet continues. "You can guarantee that Libra will be holding court at any party worth attending." By the time they leave one soirée, they'll have an invite to the next.


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Go to the center of any party and you're bound to find a Leo. "This party animal is made for holidays, celebrations, and festivity," says Alta. "They adore being in the limelight and feel like stars no matter where they go." You'll often find them telling uproariously funny stories, performing their latest karaoke number, or wearing bright and bold outfits. "In a large crowd, nothing is off the table for these lions, although you can often find them dancing on one," says Bennet. Invite a Leo to your next event and you can bet it'll be a roaring success.

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