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The Most Charismatic Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers 

They're witty, charming, and know how to work a room.

Some people are just so charismatic they charm everyone around them the moment they walk into a room. When you meet them, you might fine yourself enthralled and fascinated by everything they have to say. These people are so magnetic they draw others to them—whether they're engaging in conversation with a grocery store employee or on a date with a potential love interest—and it could be because of their astrological sign. Read on to discover the most charismatic members of the zodiac, from a little appealing to absolutely alluring.

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Aquarians have a reputation for being a bit out there, but they can appeal to others when they put their mind to it. South Florida-based astrologer Laurie Alfano explains that while most people "think Aquarians are cold and detached," it's actually "a facade." Underneath their zoned out exterior, this air sign is extremely smart and they know how to convince people to see the world through their eyes. Aquarians are also creative and often have cool jobs where they influence others, becoming actors or musicians. "An air of elegance and sometimes mystery surrounds them and their minds, making them attractive to others who may find them super cool," says Alfano.


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Libras can easily fascinate people because they "exude charisma and elegance," says Alfano. And in turn, this air sign regularly welcomes people into their fascinating world without thinking twice. Because they're focused on balance, they don't believe people could do wrong or often question people's motives. Instead, they embrace everyone. Alfano says Libras do this by "sharing ideas, attracting desires, inviting everyone around them to be part of the process." Kim Kardashian is a famous Libra who gives fans a look at her alluring life.

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Geminis can charm anyone because they have different personalities based on who they're spending time with. "Geminis are extremely adaptable, they can be anybody, anytime, anywhere," says Alfano. "[These] fun, versatile communicators are a delight to be around and can make even the most mundane event fascinating." They are the life of the party, so if you're planning a shindig, invite the Geminis in your life to make it an affair to remember. Their charisma comes from sharing stories about their wild lives, whether it's a recent date they went on or drama in their friendship group.


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Fiery Sags know how to entertain with their funny stories and wild antics. Alfano calls this fire sign "passionate and talkative," making them extremely alluring, and definitely charismatic. Alfano tells us that Sagittarius, known as the archer, "shoots his arrow towards fun and adventure, sharing pictures of the journey along the way." She describes Sags as wielding "a mature confidence that's equal parts glamorous and appealing." There's a reason you've been caught in a Sagittarian's web.

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These kings and queens of the Zodiac are full of charisma. Alfano says this fixed fire sign wears their "heart on their sleeve," which means they "have no problem following their desires." If you're dating a Leo, expect lots of compliments, affection, and PDA in their quest to woo you. They'll captivate you with entertaining stories they've learned over the years and guarantee all eyes are on them.


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Aries are the most charismatic signs of the zodiac and will "charm everyone around them with their myriad of ideas and their electric physical vitality," says Alfano. This fire sign is known as the "initiator" of the Zodiac and "can start a party in a broom closet." Aries are adventurous, passionate and genuine, making them easy to admire.

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