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The Funniest Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

Astrologers reveal which sign will cause you to laugh uncontrollably.

While most of us want to be funny, not all of us actually are. Some people can crack jokes for hours, while others take life a little (or a lot) more seriously. But there's definitely something to the saying "laughter is the best medicine"—it's hard to resist a person who can make you smile. Have you ever wondered where your sense of humor comes from? It's possible that your talent for side-splitting satire could actually have something to do with astrology. Read on to discover the six funniest zodiac signs, from a little amusing to full-on comedians.

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Cancers love making people feel at home. How do they do that? By telling jokes. Briana Saussy, the author of Making Magic and Star Child: Joyful Parenting Through Astrology says, "Cancer might be the surprise guest on this particular list, but these moon-ruled individuals often have a gift for a very dry sense of humor."

If you don't know a Cancer well, you might not experience this more playful side. But even though only their close friends get to see this part of their personality, "their jokes and barbs are delivered with perfect timing and tone." So, don't mistake their shy natures for lack of humor: Once they're comfortable enough around you to be themselves, their snark will come out.


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Aquarius can be oddballs, and that transfers to their wacky sense of humor. Saussy calls this sign "offbeat, weird, and zany," and says that "Aquarians will often use their gift for gab to support causes that they believe in, and they encourage the wider culture to have fun without making fun of anyone." Expect this chatty sign to convince you to side with their beliefs and use any means necessary, including amusing jokes.

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Maria Hayes, astrologer and author at Trusted Astrology, explains that Leos are often seen as "the serious type," but they're entertainers, deep down. This sign wants to be the best at everything, which includes entertaining the people around them and making them laugh. But that can also be their downfall. So, beware: Hayes warns that Leos are "often very funny, yet pushy to a fault."


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While Virgo might seem like an unexpected sign to have on this list, if you know one, you've probably chuckled in their presence. Many times, their perfectionist exterior can cloak some snarkiness and a dark sense of humor. "Underneath their prim and proper exteriors, Virgo folks are touched by Mercury, just like Gemini," says Saussy. That means the Virgos in your life "have a perfect sense of timing and can play off of themselves in a way that is both heartwarming and hilarious."

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Hayes describes Sagittarius as "the pinnacle of wit and cleverness," able to see the underpinnings of any situation and convert them into short, sharp-witted lines.

Saussy agrees and believes this sign "loves a good time and loves to get the chuckles from the audience." And because of their drive to be appreciated by others, they're "often creative and philosophical in their humor," which makes it easy to have the audience rolling with laughter and thinking about the deeper ramifications of a joke.


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If you're friends with a Gemini, your sides probably often hurt from laughing so hard. This sign can be serious but at the same time, they love telling jokes and making everyone around them smile. Hayes compares Geminis to "two-faced performers" and "the Joker." Gemini knows how to flaunt their wit and sarcasm, while effortlessly making someone laugh at a moment's instance.

Saussy agrees and calls this "the most playful sign of the Zodiac." Their "genuine good cheer" means that they're always making people laugh.

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