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The Most Intuitive Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

These astrological signs know how to read the room and trust their gut.

Have you ever just had a hunch about a certain person or particular place? Or maybe you've felt that particularly uneasy feeling in your stomach, letting you know that something was just off? Intuition is something that we all have and feel, but some zodiac signs are more perspective to different energies that others. Read on to find the most intuitive zodiac signs, from seemingly insightful to seriously psychic.

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Scorpios are well known for over-processing information and are true experts at over-thinking. Because of this, they are also quite intuitive.

"Scorpios can be a little bit paranoid and can sense when others are thinking negatively about them," says Stina Garbis, a professional psychic at "They tend to be very self-conscious and worry what others are thinking, and can quickly and easily pick up on bad vibes in a room."

Scorpios can feel uncomfortable energy and can sense when something bad may happen to themselves or a friend. But it's not all negative, they are great to people to consult if you ever need advice about someone you're dating or a job you are thinking of taking.


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Libras have an incredibly soothing and calm energy. When the world is in shambles, this is the sign that keeps their cool. They are also wonderful friends to have because they have your best interest at heart.

"Libras with their temperate nature seem to have a knack for finding the best solution to a problem, intuitively picking up on others deepest needs and desires regarding particular outcomes," says Garbis. "Libras have the gift of understanding and of handling the situation in the best most tactful way."

It's safe to say that if you're ever at a crossroads in life, you can trust a Libra to use their intuition to give you honest and open advice.


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Leos are headstrong individuals who march to the beat of their own drum. This sign which is ruled by the sun, is hypersensitive to other people's energies, and therefore can be incredibly charismatic, kind, and intuitive.

"Leo's are very creative and outgoing and have the capability of reading the room," says Garbis. "They tend to know what to say and how to make people laugh at exactly the right moment. Their intuitive nature gives them natural comic genius, too."

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Aquarians are constantly thinking about tomorrow, instead of the present moment. This gives them the rare ability to be more in-tune with the future, and is therefore one of the most intuitive signs.

"Aquarians have the knack to fix almost anything, and they seem to have a natural intuitive nature," says Garbis. "They can be trendsetters and always in front of the curve of knowing what will be coming up."

Ruled by Uranus, this air sign is also incredibly proactive and love to offer their loved ones support and optimism when it comes to their futures. This sign uses their own intuition for the sake of others, due to their un-wavering kindness.


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Cancers are known for being emotional, a character trait comes in handy when they have to trust their gut. Their healing and empathetic nature gives this sign in-tuned and smart instincts.

"Cancers are extremely intuitive and tend to know exactly what is wrong. They are natural healers and seem to see inside of a person's body or mind as to what the deepest problem is," says Garbis. "They are very understanding, and empathetic, and make amazing caretakers."

Although Cancers have great intuition, astro numerologist Sidhharth S Kumaar at warns that they may not be able to balance it as well as others. "As they get connected to people empathetically, the Cancerians need to balance between their emotions and intuition," he says.

While of course everyone wants to have intuition, it's important for Cancers especially to be able to differentiate facts from feelings. Although a gut feeling is important to have, it's not necessary for every situation.

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The Pisces sign is the most intuitive zodiac sign because of their intense emotion and sensitivity towards other people, especially to the people that they love.

"Their watery nature, and sensitivity to the feelings of others allows them the ability to understand a person's being completely," says Garbis. "They can pick up on what you're thinking, on the song that is playing in your head, or even know what you ate for your last meal. They know when you're hurting, when you're hungry, and when you need attention."

Pisces makes for the best psychics and are also excellent friends who will just get you.

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