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The Nicest Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

They put others before themselves and love making people smile.

We all know people who are unusually nice. They make friendly small talk with everyone they encounter, approach each day with a glass-half-full mentality, and always make time to help a fellow human being in need. Sometimes, their kindness is even seen as a weakness, making them easily taken advantage of. Well, it turns out these folks may have more in common than just a generous spirit. They could also share a horoscope sign. Ahead, astrologers tell us the nicest members of the zodiac, from the somewhat sweet to the profoundly kindhearted.

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The Virgo in your life is likely serviceable, kind, and even-tempered. "They are friendly and helpful," says professional astrologer Anna Kovach. "They are quick to offer a hand and give advice as well." However, they can also be critical."They try to offer help by making suggestions but can be tone-deaf," Kovach notes. In the end, though, their good intentions shine through. You'll leave most encounters with a Virgo feeling glad that you enlisted them for assistance.


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This is the sign you'll want to call for a fun night out or an optimistic conversation after a rough day. "People born under the sign of Sagittarius are kind, generous, and passionate," says Kovach. "They are friendly and giving, yet they are also aloof, independent, and honest to a fault." Their blunt style of communication can rub some people the wrong way. But if you vibe with their sense of humor, they'll be the friend you turn to for every pep talk.

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Libras are almost universally well-liked, says astrologer and spiritual coach Tara Bennet. "They have the patience of a saint and will gladly spend hours talking with elderly relatives," she adds. "They need harmony and balance in their lives, and make great mediators, calming tensions and helping others navigate choppy waters." If an argument breaks out at dinner, your Libra friend will be the one to create peace and smooth things over. In other words, they're the ideal person to always have in your corner.


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Empathy is second nature to Cancer, which is ruled by the moon and prone to being nurturing, warm, and in tune with their emotions. "Cancerians love the family and the home, and there's always a spot by the fire for you—they love giving and caring; you'll be holding a mug of cocoa and a very rich chocolate cake if you so much as walk through their door," says celebrity psychic and astrologer Inbaal Honigman. "And they love introducing all their many many friends to each other, so you may meet your future spouse by the hearth in a Cancerian household!"


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Do you know that friend who allows you to be 100 percent yourself, without judgment? There's a good chance they're an Aquarius. "This sign accepts individuals for who they are, enjoying getting to know them and what makes them tick," says Bennet. "They are adept listeners and enjoy conversations whether deep or just friendly banter." People born under this sign also make friends quickly and integrate into new social circles with unmatched ease.

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Pisces is the empath of the zodiac, able to intuit others' feelings before those people even get the chance to speak. That means they're incredible shoulders to cry on and can soothe a friend in need in a matter of minutes (trust us: they know exactly what to say).

"They navigate the social universe by instinctively being nice and kind," says Kovach. "Their compassion is evident and they can be great confidants." Whether you call them up at a moment's notice or depend on them for your daily needs, Pisces will make you feel loved, appreciated, and accepted. And isn't that the nicest thing of all?

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