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The Least Tactful Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

Know someone with "foot-in-mouth disease"?

Knowing how to say the right thing at the right time can be difficult, but it feels like some people don't even try to be sensitive to others' feelings. Think of that friend who constantly puts their foot in their mouth or your boss who always comes off a bit rude. Tactfulness is truly an art form—and it's one that may be slightly out of some people's reach thanks to their horoscope. Read on to find out what astrologers think are the six least tactful zodiac signs, from slightly insensitive to the totally thoughtless.

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Because they're a hypercritical earth sign, Virgos are forthright people. But if they insult you, it's probably not on purpose. "Virgo energy works its magic through the art of assessment and discernment," says astrologer, tarot reader, and instructor at YogaRenew Teacher Training Bess Matassa.

Sometimes, these critiques can actually become a form of "improvement cheerleading," helping others better themselves, Matassa explains. That is, of course, if the criticisms are not given too harshly.


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Capricorns don't mean to be rude—they just don't want to mince their at-times offensive words. Matassa says this can "sometimes make more sensitive signs balk at the lack of need to make nice." But while it might feel incredibly hurtful at the moment, many times their blunt statements are correct, since they're a very practical and cut-to-the-chase sign.

So if you need some tough-love advice, turn to a Capricorn pal who isn't afraid of hurting your feelings. And do keep in mind that this sign is usually receptive to hearing your side of things.

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These social justice warriors want everyone to agree with them and get on board with their special causes. If you don't, they could lash out in an effort to get you to join in. Matassa calls Aquarians "electrifying," especially since they spend much of their time focusing on "liberation and clearing the way for the future."

On the other hand, this passion for good can lead to tunnel vision and ignoring their friends' and family's more delicate emotions along the way.


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Scorpios are notoriously intense people who are known for their vicious sting, much like their namesake. Matassa says they focus on "drawing even the hardest truths to the surface like a magnet," which can feel overwhelming if you're not expecting this level of severity. But it's not necessarily a bad thing.

"This scuba diver uncovers the secret treasure of no-holds-barred intimacy," Matassa explains. Once you get over the initial prick, you'll have the chance to get even closer to the Scorpio in your life—and maybe discover some new things about yourself in the process.

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Independent Aries want to lead the way in all they do. They don't care about appearing thoughtless because they're so confident that they're always right. "Aries is more enamored with making dents in the earth than dealing with potential fallout," Matassa warns.

Since they don't get bogged down with superficial niceties, she says to expect them to "cut the excess, simplifying life into more honest forms." This can be difficult if you're looking for a two-way conversation, but it can also come in handy when you don't have time for the back and forth.


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Assertive Sagittarians are notoriously open, but being completely forthright can lead them to share cutting words unapologetically—especially since they tend not to think before speaking. Matassa describes this fire sign's energy as "a confessional confetti-toss that strives for candidness, no matter the cost."

This over-assertiveness can certainly come off as cruel at times, but it can also inspire more timid signs to start speaking out more when they get close to these brutally honest folks.

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