The Least Generous Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers 

Don't expect this sign to foot the bill.

Some folks will never take out their wallet at the end of the meal. If someone compliments their outfit, they won't reveal where it's from. And when your birthday rolls around, forget about them heading to the bar to buy you a celebratory cocktail. If you've ever wondered why these stingy people refuse to give, it might be written in the stars. Read on to discover the least generous zodiac signs, from a little bit tight to downright Scrooge-like.

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Geminis love telling stories and giving advice, but this often comes from a slightly self-obsessed place. They thrive on entertaining others, but are not usually inclined to purchase a luxurious birthday gift or treat someone to an expensive meal. "In the worst-case scenario, Geminis may become too egotistical and self-centered," Alice Alta, resident astrologer for the Futurio app, warns. "They may simply not see the point in showing their generosity if they get nothing in return." But if a Gemini values friendships and those around them, they can learn to be less selfish. Alta counters, "In the best-case scenario, they're likely to be bountiful."


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Aquarians can often be quite miserly because they don't appreciate the value of gift-giving. "They don't focus on money and material things at all," says Alta. They'll fail to remember your anniversary and most likely won't ever splurge on diamonds. But this sign loves giving back and will often donate to special causes they care about. Though, sometimes this is actually because Aquarians are easily scammed. Alta forewarns "they can invest in strange and doubtful projects," leading to money "slipping through their fingers."

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Capricorns are all about making it to the top, and that can mean denying themselves superfluous activities like dinner or drinks with pals. If they do go out, this earth sign isn't likely to be the one treating to happy hour cocktails. They'd rather save as much as possible to buy the best of everything so people take them seriously. "If their emotional sphere is not well-developed, they may be greedy even with their nearest and dearest," says Alta.


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This fire sign wants everything their own way. They like their money where they can see it and aren't known for indulging others. So, they'll pick the restaurant where you dine, but probably won't bring out the big bucks. Alta explains that Aries is focused on "nobility" and "demonstrating their leadership." However, they may be slightly charitable if they take someone under their wing as a way to show them who's in charge.

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Taureans are all about material goods, as long as the item they're purchasing isn't something frivolous. Alta says that this stubborn sign often "refuses to spend money if they think a purchase is irrational." At the same time, this earth sign isn't exactly miserly. "They adore the beauty of life, luxurious things, and pricey clothes," Alta says, so they will personally indulge in the finer things in life from time to time.


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Scorpios are sensitive about their finances, so avoid bringing up the topic. This notoriously secretive sign doesn't want people to know how much they make or have, so they're unlikely to openly consume. Scorpios are extreme, either overspending if they want to impress or acting totally stingy with strangers. "Scorpios need to develop the skills to obtain the necessary balance and avoid focusing on money too much," says Alta.

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