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The Most Argumentative Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

It's easy for things to get heated with people born under these signs.

It's natural to disagree from time to time, but some people can't keep their cool in any situation. They'll strike up a heated political debate at a family dinner or call out a friend for mispronouncing something. According to astrologers, these people's horoscopes might be to blame for their aggressive ways. Keep reading for the list of the most argumentative zodiac signs, from pretty opinionated to completely combative.

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"Virgos simply can't accept anything less than perfection," explains astrologer, clairvoyant, and spiritual coach Tara Bennet.

And they won't hesitate to nit-pick until you agree with them and do things the "right" way, says author and astrologer Lisa Barretta.

"They argue in a very cold manner that can be intimidating," Barretta adds. "They know how to trigger someone by zeroing in on their insecurities."


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These folks may be the most social zodiac sign, but their talkative, quick-thinking nature means they enjoy outsmarting people.

"Gemini has an uncanny ability to connect dots on the spot, thanks to all the useless information that magically gets stored in their minds," notes astrologer and tarot reader Ryan Marquardt.

Barretta says they'll even "drop some gossip or other irritating news" just because they "like the verbal back-and-forth banter."

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"Aquarians are the brainiacs of the zodiac," notes Bennet, and they have little tolerance for those who don't share their knowledge and opinions.

"When they believe in something, it is almost impossible to change their minds," she explains. "They're formidable opponents, always quoting expert opinions and armed with research to back up their argument."

Barretta cautions that Aquarius also "won't let you off the hook until they bring you around to their way of seeing things."


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Like Aquarius, Sagittarius holds firm in their beliefs. However, for this sign, it doesn't come down to the data but rather "their life experiences," says Marquardt.

"Even if you have facts, science, or an academic background on something that you're arguing about, it won't matter to Sagittarius if they've experienced a contradictory circumstance," he explains.

As Bennet notes, Sagittarians are extremely worldly and well-traveled. "They often seem to have done everything and been everywhere, coming across as a know-it-all," she says.

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These lions are used to being the center of attention. As far as they're concerned, a party doesn't start until they enter the room—and this vision of superiority can go to their heads.

"They expect their followers to look up to them without question," says Bennet. "Leos take it personally when they're doubted and their heckles will go up ready for a fight."

Barretta agrees that this sign will "pounce" if you disagree with them or don't "treat them with the dignity they always expect." They'll put you in your place and won't care who's around to see it. In fact, even better if there's an audience.


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As Bennet shares, Aries are "born competitors." They like to be in charge and rarely admit defeat.

"Ruled by Mars, the planet of war, Aries gives you the feeling of walking on broken glass when they argue with you," says Marquardt. "Even if you're 100 percent right, you know you have to be careful with how you present your side of the argument—otherwise, it could easily set them off like a ticking time bomb."

Or, as Barretta puts it, they "hold the 'Black Belt' when it comes to arguing." She adds, "They will follow you out of a room and continue the argument for days until you finally wave a flag of surrender."

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