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The Zodiac Sign Best at Lying, According to Astrologers

From little white lies to outlandish fabrications, non-truths are the standard for these signs.

Telling your friend their wedding dress looks beautiful when you don't actually like it is a harmless white lie. Telling your friend their fiancé flirted with one of the bridesmaids when it never happened is completely slanderous. However, in both cases, you'd need to be convincing for said friend to believe you—and some people, based on their horoscopes, are more believable than others. Here, astrologers share the zodiac signs that are best at lying, from a little dishonest to totally deceitful.

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Pisces may tell you all about the dream vacation they have coming up, when, in fact, they haven't even booked a flight.

However, they're not "lying" in the traditional sense of the word, but rather letting their active imagination "blur the lines between reality and fantasy," explains Raquel Rodriguez, astrologer and founder of Your Zodiac.

"This imaginative lens through which they view the world can lead to creative interpretations of the truth," she adds.


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Sweet, sensitive, and incredibly emotional, Cancer would be the first person to get upset if they were lied to. Ironically, it's these same traits that enable their own dishonesty at times.

"Nobody knows how to spin a sob story quite like Cancer," shares professional astrologer and media personality Lauren Ash. "Their motherly intuition can get weaponized in a friendly war of words."

When cornered with the truth, Cancers will often avoid admitting fault or even lash out to deflect.

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This sign is the type to impulsively fudge the data in a meeting to ensure their project doesn't get squashed.

"Aries are so driven by their desire to be first and best that they might sometimes play loose with the facts to maintain their lead," says Rodriguez.

"They're not inherently deceitful but tend to act now and think later, which can lead them to promise more than they can deliver or to skip over inconvenient truths," she adds.


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It's no secret that Leo loves to showboat, and it's this flair for the dramatic that gives them an advantage in their storytelling abilities.

"Sometimes, they might make a story more exciting than it actually is, just to keep everyone's eyes on them," notes Rodriguez.

However, Leo's intention isn't to truly deceive people. "Instead, they simply love playing with ideas and perspectives where the lines between truth and fiction get blurred," Rodriguez explains.

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Aloof, mysterious, and intensely private, Scorpios keep their cards close to their chest. Ash says they can easily "tell people exactly what they want to hear."

And according to Rodriguez, this has a lot to do with their need for security and control. "When Scorpios choose to withhold information, they do so with a calculated precision that makes their secrecy almost undetectable," she shares.

This is especially true regarding their loved ones, the select few whom they've allowed in. If a lie will protect them, they'll expertly spew it.


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The sign of the twins is the most two-faced of them all. And since communicative and intellectual Mercury rules them, Geminis "are blessed with the gift of gab," says Ash, meaning that they are smooth talkers.

"They know how to tailor their words to suit any situation, or if the situation calls for it, play 'devil's advocate,'" she explains.

That said, Geminis don't necessarily intend to deceive others. "Their natural curiosity and love for storytelling mean they can effortlessly see and present multiple sides of a story, sometimes leaving listeners wondering which version is the most accurate," adds Rodriguez.

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