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The 30 Best Compliments to Give People Over 30

A small, thoughtful comment can go a very long way.

How many times a day do you have the urge to compliment someone but decide to keep it to yourself? It's probably a lot — and it's time to start singing the praises of those around you.

When you're in your thirties, there's a lot on your plate: your career, your family, your endless stack of bills — you name it. So having someone say something nice to you goes a long way, no matter what it is. Whether it's one of your friends, a random woman on the street, someone at work, or one of your Instagram pals, never be afraid to reach out and tell someone how highly you think of them.

Whenever you see fit, lay one of these compliments on those in your life. You'll totally make their day, and it might just make yours, too. And for more great ways to endear yourself to others, check out the Best Way to Make New Friends.

You could open your own restaurant

30 compliments

It doesn't matter if it's chocolate chip cookies or a 10-course meal. If someone's a killer chef, why not let them know by telling them they're good enough to open their own restaurant? And — best case scenario! — if they ever do, you'll hopefully get free meals for life. And for more tips on spreading joy, take a look at the 25 Best Instant Mood Boosters.

Are you a personal trainer?

30 compliments

Being mistaken for a personal trainer at the gym might just be the most confidence-boosting compliment out there. If someone is doing their reps so flawlessly that they look like they should be leading a workout, it won't be long before people start asking them for exercise advice themselves. If you need a jolt, yourself, learn these 13 Tricks for an Instant Energy Boost.

You're really good at making things happen

30 compliments

Some people can sit on an idea for years and never do anything with it while others get that spark and run with it, not letting even a second of hesitation go by. If you know someone who's the king or queen of making things happen, let them know how ballsy they are — and why you're always so inspired by them.

You're a real-life Wonder Woman

30 compliments

Wonder Woman is known for having a wide range of qualities, from being an impressive strategist to a true fighter and athlete. Sure, real-life versions might not be able to fly — but they're surely worthy of superhero status.

You should be a makeup artist

30 compliments

Some women have makeup so flawless that it looks like they've spent years perfecting their skills at beauty school. Whether you see someone rocking a perfect smoky eye or a bold red lip, give them some props for being able to put together red carpet-worthy looks.

I know you're younger than me, but I really look up to you

30 compliments

Everyone has that person in their life who inspires everyone around them. And, age doesn't matter — there's nothing wrong with looking up to someone who just so happens to be years younger than you. Let them know how great of a positive influence they are and what makes them so special.

Your [insert child's name here] is doing such big things

30 compliments

Whether your 30-something friends are new parents or have had kids for a while, no mom or dad is ever 100 percent confident in their parenting skills. Telling them how great their kids have turned out will give them just the confidence boost they need in what can be a very stressful job.

You always put everyone else before yourself

30 compliments

Between work, family, and everything else going on in life, things get busy and it's easy to start focusing mostly on yourself. If you know someone who continually makes time to not only care for their own families but also those around them, let them know how inspired you are by that and how much good they're doing in the world.

You live like your glass is half full

30 compliments

Everyone should be thanking those glass-half-full people in their lives for constantly lifting the spirits of those around them. The past year has been a tough one, so to remain positive without any of the negative headlines getting them down is a true accomplishment and they deserve some praise for not shifting to the dark side. And for more mood enhancers, know that Saying This One Word Will Boost Your Mood By 25 Percent.

You're such a jack-of-all-trades

30 compliments

Is there anything better than knowing someone who can always jump in and fix anything and everything you need help with? Maybe it's a loose doorknob or a clogged sink — but whatever it is, complement them on their impressive handyman ways.

You're one of a kind

30 compliments

Who doesn't love hearing something about them sets them apart from the rest of the pack? Everyone has special qualities, but they're not often brought to their attention. Don't be afraid to tell someone they're one of a kind — then let them know what makes them unique in the first place. And for more tips on standing out of of the crowd, take a look at how to Dazzle Any Gathering with These 14 Savvy Small-Talk Tips.

You're such a happy person

30 compliments

Not everyone has been blessed with being a naturally happy person. If you have someone in your life who's always beaming, tell them. Just a warning: There's a chance their happiness levels might skyrocket and become totally out of control from hearing such nice words, but it's worth the risk.

You make me better

30 compliments

There are certain people you spend time around and then leave feeling like a better person yourself. They're hard individuals to find, but once you do, it's easy to get drawn in like a magnet. Let those in your life know how they affect your own wellbeing, whether they make you want to try harder at work, eat healthier meals, or be a better person in general.

You're a great listener

30 compliments

There are those people who talk non-stop about anything and everything, and there are also the people who sit there, listen, and let you dish on whatever has been on your mind. If you have a friend who never fails to listen when you need it, let them know how much you appreciate having their support.

You're seriously unstoppable

30 compliments

That driving force in your life could always use a compliment to let them know they're doing amazing things. If they inspire you with their will-power and work ethic, let them know why.

You're always there for me

30 compliments

You know the person you can always count on, whether you need advice, need a favor, or just need someone to talk to? Let them know you appreciate how they always have your back — and make sure they know you always have theirs, too.

Your smile is contagious

30 compliments

Know someone who has a smile that never fails to brighten your day? Tell them. First of all, they — or their parents! — probably spent a lot of money on braces and could use a little reassurance that their hard-earned dollars were well spent. And second of all, there's no one on the planet who isn't going to feel great knowing they make others smile simply from smiling themselves.

You're killing it at your job

30 compliments

When you're in your 30s, you're typically still working incredibly hard to grow in your position and made it to the top of the food chain at work. Sometimes it might not feel like you're as successful as you want to be or are moving along fast enough, so having someone tell you you're doing a great job can go a long way in the confidence department.

You're a great friend

30 compliments

Your friend might know they're a great friend to you — but have you ever actually told them? Let them know exactly how much to you. It won't just bring you closer together, but it will help make sure your friend feels appreciated and is still in your life for years to come.

You're so nice

30 compliments

Some niceness is faked, but other times it's so genuine that it deserves to be recognized. Those truly kind people in your life who go out of their way to respect and be compassionate toward others deserve a compliment. They should be getting them just as much as they're giving them.

You're breathtakingly handsome or gorgeous

30 compliments

It's what's on the inside that counts, but you can certainly compliment the outside, too. If someone in your life constantly takes your breath away with their stunningly good looks, don't be afraid to tell them.

You light up the room

30 compliments

If you have someone in your life who walks into every room they enter completely beaming, let them know. When they're feeling down, they'll think back to that compliment and will remember just how much of a shining light they are to others — and why there's no reason to feel bad in the first place.

I always have so much fun with you

30 compliments

Being friends with someone you have the time of your life with no matter what you're doing — whether it's going bowling or just sitting and talking — is the best kind of friend to have. Let your pal know just how much better they make your life, simply from being in it.

You inspire me

30 compliments

You know that person in your life who's always doing big things? Well, they might need a pat on the back every so often because they might not always be getting praise elsewhere. Don't hold back being the person who gives it to them; if there's something they've done that really struck a chord with you, they should know.

You're the bravest person I know

30 compliments

Bravery isn't one of those things people are always born with — it's something that people have to work hard on and is developed over time. Any souls out there who have had to remain courageous in hard situations might not seem like they need a compliment, but it's always really nice to hear they're staying strong.

You're a smarty pants

30 compliments

Sure, you get told you're smart growing up while you're still in school, but you don't get as many compliments in adulthood. The next time your friend is talking non-stop on some ridiculously hard to understand topic, stop them and compliment them on being such a brainiac.

You always make me laugh

30 compliments

Have a pal who's pee-you-pants-laughing funny? Shoot them some praise on their hilarious ways. Who knows — you could be the one who finally gave them the confidence they always needed to go for their life-long dream of being a comedian.

You put your heart into everything you do

30 compliments

While some people easily breeze through life without a care in the world, others put their heart and soul into everything they do. Let those people know all that extra time and attention isn't going unnoticed.

You look so healthy

30 compliments

Being healthy isn't easy, and the people who are basically mythical gods in the flesh should be complimented on all the hard work they've put into themselves over the years. Not only are they going to be strong and happy for years to come, but they're also a great inspiration for anyone who needs a little push in the right direction.

I'm proud of the person you've become

30 compliments

During your twenties, you go through a lot and finally start becoming the person you feel like you're meant to be. By the time you get into your thirties, hearing someone say you're proud of them as a person — not just for their accomplishments and success — is something they'll never forget.

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