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The Most Unstable Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

You never know what they'll get into next.

There are probably a few people who come to mind when you think of the word "unstable." Perhaps it's the coworker who always has an excuse when it comes to their deadlines or the friend who never knows where they'll be living for more than a month at a time. It might even be a parent who's unreliable when it comes to phone calls, money, or support. These people are difficult to pin down—and in some cases, it can be frustrating to those around them. According to astrologers, the trait could be determined by their horoscope. Here, professionals tell us the most unstable zodiac signs, from the slightly flustered to the extremely flighty.

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This sign's natural tendencies can seem chaotic to some—although they typically have everything under control.

"Aquarians are open-minded and not afraid of changes, so they may try unusual scenarios in life and sign up for adventures easily," says Alice Alta, resident astrologer for the Futurio app. "For people who love thorough planning and getting things calculated, it sounds like a recipe for a disaster."

But if you let your fellow Aquarius walk to the beat of their own drum, you'll see things often work out for them in the end. They just take a unique route to get there.


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Libra always wants to make the fairest decision, whether they're judging a criminal case or taking a side in a tiff between friends. It can take people with this sign some time, though, to adjust their scales and learn to make fair decisions quickly.

"Unless their value system is ingrained fully into them, they may be quite chaotic, and Libras may drive other people mad by endless hesitation, inability to make a choice, and changing their minds," says Alta. "But once they strengthen their inner core, their life becomes smooth."


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Scorpios thrive during moments that allow for transformation, even if those moments might seem like a crisis to others.

For example, when every house on the block floods during a storm, a Scorpio will be the one who calls the insurance company and ensures everyone has a dry bed to sleep in. However, this search for transformation can also backfire.

"If their life is too boring, predictable, and peaceful, Scorpios may subconsciously search for a crisis or even create it out of nothing," says Alta. "Plus, this sign is very emotional, and drama is their element." They'll dig up trouble just for the rush.

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This fire sign goes after everything it wants with gusto, from new jobs to travel adventures.

"The symbol is half man and half horse, so we have that duality of two things: Are they thinking with their bottom half or their top half?" says professional astrologer Leslie McGuirk. "Plus, they have a weapon: The man part of the symbol is an archer, wielding a bow and arrow with fire on the end."

And you never know exactly where that bow might be pointing—so many people see this sign as somewhat of a loose canon.


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This sign's symbol, the fish, is an apt metaphor for its instability. "Pisces people are often swimming here, there, and everywhere, so they can appear to be flaky and noncommittal," says McGuirk. "Think of what fish do when they feel fear: They dart away, and since they are always in motion, it is hard to pin them down."

Pisces ruling planet, Neptune, which oversees illusions and delusions, makes them even more chaotic.

"You never quite know where you stand with them as they are masterful chameleons—one day they could be lovely and sweet, and the next time you encounter them, you could sense they have a sneaky agenda," adds McGuirk.

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Represented by the Twins, Gemini can seem all over the place. "It's like two people with opposite desires live inside a Gemini, contributing to their inner chaos," says Alta. "One day, a Gemini wants to start their own business, and the next day they tell you that a nomad's life is the best one, so they dream of giving up everything and going on a round-the-world trip."

They'll flip and flop between hobbies, jobs, and even friends. In order for a Gemini to become more grounded, they must harmonize their opposing tendencies.

"The main thing is to find a point of equilibrium and be serious about their activities, not giving up halfway," says Alta. "In this case, Geminians can be super effective, nurtured by the energy of both worlds and always sparkling with interest."

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