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Your Biggest Worry, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

What do you fret about most? Astrologers give their insights.

It's not uncommon to feel overwhelmed by stressful things in life: Maybe you're preoccupied with a big project at work, or perhaps you're fretting about a fight with a family member. But then we also have chronic worries that seem to always be in the back of our minds. To gain more insight into this, we consulted professional astrologers. Ahead, they share your biggest worry, based on your zodiac sign. Keep reading to find out if you're most anxious about being alone, failing, or something else entirely.

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Aries: Losing

Man Losing Game of Tennis
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Aries are powerhouses. You'll likely see them competing in sports games, managing teams in the office, or raising their hand at trivia night. It's why their biggest worry is losing.

They have a reputation for being bold and never backing down. "They are the warriors of the zodiac," says Stina Garbis, astrologer and owner of Psychic Stina. The thought of losing the fight or even worse, having to quit, is a big concern of theirs.

Taurus: Financial insecurity

Woman looking concerned while reading her bills

Tauruses are very responsible and value stability and security above almost anything else. Financial insecurity is easily their biggest worry.

"They need to know that there's enough food, enough in the savings account, enough clothes—that there is simply enough of what they need to survive unpredictable times," says Alice Smith, astrologer at Alice Smith Astrology. They also hate change and don't do well with uncertainty, so this concern makes perfect sense.

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Gemini: Boredom

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With their quick wit and ability to jump from conversation to conversation, Gemini needs to be mentally stimulated at all times. They aren't bothered at all by spontaneity, so it's no surprise that their biggest worry is boredom.

"They fear that they're living a version of Groundhog Day, where everything repeats predictably—nothing new happens, nothing surprises them, and nothing delights them," says Smith.

Cancer: Losing a loved one

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Cancer is family-oriented and nurturing by nature, so they can't help but worry about loss. "Losing someone they love either to tragedy or a disagreement that takes this person away, would make them unsettled," says Garbis.

But according to Smith, they also worry that others won't be there for them in their time of need, and this feeling of abandonment doesn't sit well with these emotional water signs.

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Leo: Being embarrassed

Shy nervous bashful female employee feels embarrassed blushing afraid of public speaking at corporate group team meeting, timid stressed woman hiding face during awkward moment reporting in office (Shy nervous bashful female employee feels embarrassed
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Leos love showing off and being the center of attention. However, they don't want to make a fool of themselves in the process. Being embarrassed in front of friends, co-workers, or their partners is easily something these lions fret over.

"They would hate to be… put on display for their screwup, whatever it is," says Garbis. These fire signs have big egos and want to be seen, but only in the best light possible.

Virgo: Messes

Disorganized woman with clutter everywhere

Virgos live for order. They're the ones with perfect to-do lists and color-coded calendars. Lack of organization, being late paying the bills because paper clutter has gotten the best of them, or not having the time to clean up before company comes, are all incredibly unsettling for Virgos, says Garbis.

Because of their perfectionist nature, they need everything to be a certain way, and chaos might occur if things aren't properly in place or planned.

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Libra: Being alone


This sign is pretty popular, but they do get preoccupied over whether or not other people like them. "Libras worry about being alone, and that's why they have a reputation for people-pleasing," says Smith.

They don't just fear being alone in platonic friendships but are also scared of not finding anyone romantically. Smith says Libra would do well to remind themselves that their sign is ruled by Venus, the planet representing love and beauty: "They likely will never be alone if they exude grace, fairness, acceptance, and loving-kindness."

Scorpio: Betrayal

Woman Feeling Betrayed by Partner
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Scorpios tend to be closed off until they really get to know someone. And if you're one of the lucky few they let into their lives, don't take that for granted. These emotional and complex water signs worry that something could go wrong at any time or that they'll be betrayed by the ones closest to them.

"They are programmed with an inherent distrust of anything that's too easy, which can cause them to choose the path of more resistance," explains Smith.

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Sagittarius: Being tied down

Young Woman Looking for New Things

Sagittarius lives for exploration. They're always off on their next trip or experimenting with something exciting like a new hair color or a new hobby—just because they feel like it.

Therefore, anytime it seems like something is tying them down or holding them back, they get flustered. In other words, they have a fear of commitment. "These fire signs worry that they'll lose their lack of joy and pleasure if they commit to one thing," says Garbis.

Capricorn: Failure

Black Man Struggling During Work Day

Capricorns are goal-oriented and always looking for success, whether that be in their career or personal life. So, it's no wonder that the zodiac's hardest-working sign worries about failing themselves and others around them.

"They are the leaders of the zodiac and the idea that they can fail is a terrible fear," says Garbis. They never want to put others on the wrong path or make things harder for themselves. If they can't succeed, what will they do?

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Aquarius: Lacking authority

Female boss leads meeting of multiethnic staff

Aquarius likes to be in the driver's seat. They need to be able to make their own decisions and control their own destiny. "Authenticity, agency, individuality—these values are all supremely important and necessary to living a successful life as an Aquarius," says Smith.

Their independence and unique worldview lead to a fear of not having authority. Smith points out that if they loosen their grip from time to time, they'll see even greater things happen.

Pisces: Getting hurt

Man with Hurt Feelings
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Sensitive Pisces love nothing more than being there for other people. But they do worry about getting hurt. Smith says they "often feel like they're little fish in a big pond that's filled with much bigger and scarier creatures."

They can be naive at times and will keep giving to others without ever receiving anything in return. Like Libra, these fish are people pleasers and have a hard time setting boundaries.

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