The Hairstyle You Should Have, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Are you more long and layered or short and chic? Let astrology decide.

Just as is the case with your makeup and clothing choices, your hairstyle is a major reflection of your personality. But with so many colors, cuts, and trends to choose from, deciding on a new 'do can be overwhelming. That's why you might want to take a look at your horoscope before your next trip to the salon. Keep reading to hear astrologers' recommendations for the hairstyle you should have, based on your zodiac sign. Are you more of a classic bob or a fun updo?

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Aries: Bold Cut

Stylish Woman with Pixie Cut

There's no question that the first sign of the zodiac needs to make a statement. Aries isn't afraid to step out of their comfort zone, and their hair will reflect that with a daring cut.

"Mars rules this feisty fire sign and Aries energy rules the head, making their sense of hair 'style' extremely important," says Lauren DeGolia, clarity consultant and astrologer at Fresh Start Registry.

While bold is different for everyone, you know these fire signs aren't afraid to rock a mohawk, shaved undercut, or a short and sassy pixie cut.

Taurus: Shoulder-Length Bob

Woman with Shoulder Length Bob
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"Stable and grounded, a Taurus deserves a hairstyle that's as dependable and chic as they are," says Betty Andrews, life coach, astrologer, and psychic at Fresh Start Registry—which is why a shoulder-length bob is perfect for them.

Taureans value simplicity, so they don't need an insanely intricate hairstyle. The bob is timeless, just like these earth signs, and the shoulder-length cut allows for accessories or experimentation if they're looking for some extra oomph.

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Gemini: Long Beach Waves

Woman with Beach Waves

Gemini is a fun and flirty sign, and easygoing beach waves emulate that energy. They're simple yet stylish and match well with this air sign's chill vibe.

"They are ruled by the planet Mercury, which is all about information and learning," says DeGolia. So it's no surprise that Gemini knows all about the shortcuts and how-to's when it comes to styling, maintaining, and growing out your hair.

Cancer: Long Layers

Beautiful young brunette woman smiling broadly with hands on her long hair. Outdoor portrait of pretty female model in trendy knitted red sweater posing during walking in the city street.

Cancer wants a versatile style that can be kept out of their face if they're running around. "They love low maintenance but need something that can be up-doo-ed for a glam night on the town," says DeGolia, who recommends long layers.

These water signs love to nurture, so their hair will always be well taken care of. Plus, Cancers are all about emotional depth, and longer layers certainly add dimension to what's usually seen as a basic cut.

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Leo: Voluminous Curls

Portrait of young woman with curly hair in the city
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Leo loves it when all eyes are on them. There's no better way to do that than with a hairstyle like voluminous curls or waves—the bigger the better, of course!

"Make a statement, just like you do with your charismatic presence," says Andrews. Leos have to look the best and be the best, so they'd never have boring or basic hair.

Virgo: Ponytail

A young Black woman wearing a jean jacket and her hair in a ponytail sits outside and writes in a journal.
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Virgos are laser-focused individuals who can't have things like their hair getting in the way of accomplishing their to-do list. They always strive for perfection, so a smooth ponytail with every hair in the right spot is exactly what they need.

"The perfect ponytail [is] detailed and meticulous, and a Virgo's hairstyle should be as neat and in place as their life (or the life they try to have)," says Andrews. The ponytail is classic, but can still be trendy just like these earth signs.

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Libra: Face-Framing Layers

A smiling older woman with gray hair wearing a green sweater sits on the couch with her head leaning on her hand
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Luxurious Libra craves balance. They will go the distance for the look they love but also need something that's easy to style. Face-framing layers match Libra's exuberant energy.

"Ruled by Venus, Libras love the aesthetic adornment of a beautiful hairstyle that will likely be one part classic and one part cutting edge," says DeGolia. It's also possible that Libra will experiment or change up their style, thanks to their indecisive nature.

Scorpio: Deep Side Part

A smiling blonde woman wearing a bronze metallic dress against a gold party background.
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Scorpios need a hairstyle that's dramatic without being too in your face. These water signs are intense, so a deep side part—which Andrews likens to their mysterious ways—works for them.

They're also ruled by Pluto, the planet of transformation, so don't be surprised if they're drastically switching up their look every so often.

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Sagittarius: Braids

Young Black woman with braided hair and a denim shirt smiling while walking in the city. / Shutterstock

Sagittarians are free-spirits and being tied down by anything or anyone is an absolute don't in their book. Braids are multi-faceted, so Sag will never come across as boring.

"Braids reflect their adventurous spirit and are travel-friendly for all those spontaneous trips," says Andrews. Plus, these fire signs won't have to waste much time with styling, so they can be on the go immediately.

Capricorn: Classic Short Bob

A portrait of a beautiful young mixed-race woman in the city.
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These earth signs stay on the traditional side of life, so they're going to pick something classic and stick with it. And they need a style that can be dressed up for a night out or be clean and sleek at the office.

"They aren't keen for things to look out of place or messy unless that look is by design," DeGolia tells Best Life. That's why a classy short bob is best for them. This sign is in charge, and everyone around them will know it with this hairstyle.

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Aquarius: Bright Colors

Older Woman with Short Blue Hair

If anyone is going to make a statement with their hair, it'll be an Aquarius. "Eccentric and unique, Aquarians should have a hairstyle that's out of this world," says Andrews.

It's why bright colors are perfect for them. They're not afraid to experiment or be a little more out-of-the-box when it comes to their hair. Andrews recommends electric blues or neons because they're just as unconventional as any Aquarius.

Pisces: Retro Style

A young woman wearing retro sunglasses with a retro hairstyle
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Ruled by sentimental Neptune, Pisces are the daydreamers of the zodiac, so they love doing things that will help them escape reality. Trying out retro looks from the past is the perfect way to let their imaginations fly free.

"They love to explore the styles of the century (think 20, 30s, 40s, etc.) and try on different personas regarding their hair," says DeGolia.

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