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The Sassiest Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

They always have something to say whether you like it or not.

Some people always have a comeback at the ready. They're clever and bold with an unfailing feistiness that can sometimes get them into trouble. They say what's on their mind and love to throw in a sassy comment. These folks have a certain presence and always bring energy to the room. If you've come toe-to-toe with anyone like this, you might want to find out their astrological sign. Keep reading to find out the sassiest zodiac sign from slightly saucy to always audacious.

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Young Bold Woman in Charge

Taurus are stubborn, sometimes to a fault, and they'll always speak their mind. These earth signs are completely unbothered by anyone else and will tell it like it is without shame.

"Their off-the-cuff comments and direct approach can be offensive, but you'll always know where you stand with a Taurus," says astrologer and spiritual coach Tara Bennet.

Lively and bold, their sassiness can, however, come sometimes come off as rude rather than playful.

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Man Critiquing Coworker

You won't find anyone with a sharper tongue and self-righteous energy than Virgo. Always looking for ways to improve themselves and others, they may have good intentions when they criticize and point out other people's flaws, but it's not always welcomed.

"Their intellect combined with their perfectionist attitude can make their words cut deep and their body language shows no remorse," says Ryan Marquardt, astrologer and founder of Ryan's Astrology.

This earth sign isn't necessarily trying to be sassy, but they can't help thinking that what they want is best, so you'll definitely see that brazen attitude show up every now and then.


Sassy Girl in the Pool

Gemini just wants to be friends with everyone and make connections. Represented by twins, these people are stubborn yet non-confrontational. They always want to contribute to the conversation, even if they're talking to a total stranger, and a witty remark or quick one-liner is their perfect way in.

"Geminis always want to be liked and sass is the cutest way to get their point across," Bennet says.

Whereas Virgo's sass can be harsh, Geminis are all about getting people on their good side. They're care-free and go with the flow, but they're not afraid to use their people skills to secure the best connections and further their own goals.


Man and Woman Arguing
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Aries are ruled by Mars, meaning they are all about action, so they have no qualms about being sassy just because they feel like it. They don't hold anything back and don't possess the restraint that other signs have when it comes to considering other people's feelings.

Aries can seem a bit immature, so you'll want to sass them right back—but Marqaurdt says that's not always the best decision. They thrive on competition and confrontation and always want to get the last word in. Accepting defeat isn't part of their mindset so you can guarantee they'll bring out more attitude without hesitation.

Bennet adds that they're quick thinkers, so it's not really a surprise that they use sass as their main defense mechanism.


Woman with Sassy Expression

Scorpios like to think things through before saying anything or making a move. They aren't afraid of speaking their mind, but they'd rather wait for the perfect moment. Like Aries, they are also ruled by Mars, so they enjoy pushing boundaries and provoking people. "Their go-to response to any criticism is to get sassy, and they believe they're never wrong," Bennet says.

These water signs appear quiet and shy but they are actually always observing. They can easily pick up on what triggers people have, and they know how to push buttons. Though they usually get away with their sassy comments thanks to their magnetic personalities.

"Since they're so secretive, it hits harder when they finally do give you a piece of their mind," says Marquardt.

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Dramatic Young Woman
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Leos live for the drama. Their larger-than-life personalities are always turning heads and they will never not want attention. They say what they feel and will always be unabashed in their endeavors—which is why they are without a doubt the sassiest zodiac sign.

Marquardt explains that people find their sass to be entertaining at first, but sometimes they get tired of all the spunk Leo has to offer. "No matter how their sass is coming out, they're using it loudly and proudly to get a reaction," he says.

It's easy for these fire signs to get carried away and while they're always having a good time, their sassy nature isn't everyone's cup of tea.

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