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The Most Assertive Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

They get what they want without making enemies.

When it comes to how we deal with others, being assertive—as opposed to aggressive or passive-aggressive—is considered the healthiest approach. Assertive people are comfortable going to their boss for a raise or confronting a friend about how they've hurt them. And they'll meet these situations in a stern yet respectful way. What makes some folks so self-assured? According to astrologers, it might be due to their horoscope. Read on to discover the six most assertive zodiac signs, from casually confident to forcefully forthcoming.

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You may be surprised to find Cancers on this list since they have a passive-aggressive reputation, but when they want something or need to support someone, they're all in.

"Cancers are sensitive and compassionate souls who sometimes have trouble asserting themselves," says astrologer and CrystalDigest founder Kelly Grayson. "However, when they find their voice and stand up for what they believe in, they can be powerful forces to be reckoned with." Cancers are particularly passionate when they feel one of their loved ones has been wronged.



This gentle water sign is surprisingly confident, especially when it comes to making friends and pursuing relationships. "Pisces are kind and softly spoken, but they also have a strong sense of intuition," according to Grayson. This instinct makes them feel self-assured, so they're not afraid of getting turned down by potential significant others or putting themselves out there.

Astrologer Maria Hayes describes Pisces as "assertive when it comes to their views and beliefs." They might not seem domineering, but they rarely second guess themselves or back down when they want something.

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These natural leaders love to challenge themselves and try new things. Astrologer Tara Redfield says Aries are "leaders of the pack who are fearless and find it impossible to sit back and follow." Because they feel they were born to be in charge, they rarely back down from confrontation, giving them a somewhat "aggressive and impulsive approach to life."

"They are also not afraid of a little competition, which helps them to stay focused on their goals," Grayson adds. And they're good problem solvers, so they don't struggle with what to do in confusing situations.


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Much like Aries, Leos were born to rule. They love being in the spotlight and often have commanding personalities that guarantee all eyes are on them. "Leo doesn't think twice before making a demand, because it makes them feel special," says Redfield.

Grayson classifies Leos as "strong-willed and determined individuals who always seem to get what they want and inspire others with their confidence and courage." No wonder they're the sign that's king and queen of the jungle!

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Capricorns don't seem to suffer from insecurities because they're too busy plotting world domination. Redfield explains that this sign is "so driven by ambition and a desire for status and success that they have no problem going after what they want."

Because they are "natural leaders who inspire others with their confidence and determination," according to Grayson, they don't run from confrontation and instead face issues head-on. But Redfield cautions that while this confidence may go over in the workplace, it doesn't always translate to social scenarios.


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Scorpios might be water signs, but don't let that fool you; they're not as gentle as Pisces or Cancer. These intense individuals "[aren't] afraid of obstacles and will do whatever it takes to reach their goals," Grayson states. "They are also not afraid to stand up for themselves or those they care about." Much of this has to do with how they crave power.

Redfield agrees, citing Scorpios' "often silent or invisible" conviction, which leads to them being assertive without anyone even realizing it. Though Scorpios are seemingly fearless in the face of conflict, Hayes warns that "manipulating emotions is their specialty, so you might even be playing their game… before you know it!"

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