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The Loudest Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

These astrological signs are totally comfortable being the center of attention.

There are certain people you can hear from a mile away. They do everything more boisterously, from speaking to laughing to talking with their hands. In some cases, this is a blessing. Your loud friend is likely a captivating public speaker who can entertain an audience easily. Other times—such as when sharing private information or doing something low-key—you probably wish they could simply shush. It turns out, their natural volume may not be totally in their control: Astrologers say it could have to do with when they were born. Want to see where you and your acquaintances fall on the sound scale? Read on for the six loudest zodiac signs, from slightly elevated to notoriously noisy.

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You might not associate your Cancer friend with loudness. After all, this sign is best known for being an emotionally sensitive homebody who would much rather chill on the couch than attend a large gathering. According to astrologers, that characterization is both right and wrong.

"While Cancers prefer peace and quiet, they can be deeply impacted by changing moods," says relationship astrologer Anna Kovach. "When their emotions are triggered, others will know it. They may laugh hysterically or cry tears of pain or even rage." If you hear a Cancer making a scene, you might want to check in with them to see what the issue is.


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This innovative, intelligent, and humanitarian sign always sticks up for what's right. And while they may not be the loudest voice in the room all the time, they'll make their presence known when it comes to defending underprivileged and underrepresented people.

"Aquarius uses their voice to speak up for those who are unspoken for," says Emily Ridout, a yoga and astrology teacher. "They also can seem louder because they tend to say truths that society would rather ignore." Don't be surprised if you find this sign in a heated debate about human rights at a dinner party.

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Known for being extroverted, inquisitive, and quick-witted, Gemini is loud in the funnest way possible. "Geminis are very sociable and they like to talk about everything," says Alice Alta, resident astrologer for the Futurio app. "A typical Gemini is a real chatterbox."

If you find yourself in conversation with one, they'll likely ask you questions about everything from your hometown to your place of work to your favorite hobbies—and gladly tell you the same information about themselves. That said, Gemini does occasionally turn the volume down. The day after a big party, for example, they'll want to keep to themselves to recharge.


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This fire sign is one of the loudest, especially when they're agitated. "Aries can be passionate and intense," says Kovach. "They enjoy lifting people up and having a good time, but they're also known for their notorious temper." Pick a fight with an Aries and you can rest assured their volume will go up a decibel or two.

Aries will also get loud when defending their leadership. "When they are in a position of power, nothing stops them from letting their voice be heard, especially when they've set their mind to something," says coach and astrologer Linda Berry. "Being extremely ambitious, they have lots of energy and enjoy the spotlight, making sure everyone knows they are number one."

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A Sagittarian's loudness is all about happiness and joy. "They project their voices out of boisterous passion and can be easily excited," says Kovach. "They lose track of their tone and can speak with urgency and to the unsuspecting, this can come across as yelling when in fact it is not." All this is because Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion and all things larger than life.

You can also expect a Sagittarian to have a contagious laugh and presence. "They are commanding presences in social situations and know how to get the attention of a large audience with ease," says Kovach. "They aim to entertain and uplift others and can easily speak with authority, influencing those around them with little effort."


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It should come as no surprise that the sign of the lion is the loudest of the zodiac. Put a Leo in a social situation and you're bound to hear them roar. "More often than not, those born under this sign are loud out of passion and excitement, not because they're trying to go on the defensive," says Kovach. "Yet if you aren't expecting it, spending a lot of time with someone born under the sign of Leo can be jarring." This is because the sign's intense energy can lead them to speak loudly even in casual, low-key conversations.

Leo is also a born performer and isn't averse to addressing crowds or projecting their voice. No matter how your Leo friend is feeling on any given day, they'll let you know. "They laugh, cry, and otherwise express their feelings in loud and dramatic ways," says Kovach. "Those who are closest to the sign of the lion find this endearing, as they know it's all just part of a Leo individual's personality."

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