The Zodiac Sign Most Likely to Spill Your Secrets, Astrologers Warn

Don't rely on these gossipy signs to remain tight-lipped.

If you've got a secret and want to keep it, you probably know not to let certain people know about it. Whether you have a mother-in-law who emails everyone she knows with big news or a best friend who just can't keep their mouth shut, some people just can't be trusted when it comes to keeping information classified. If you're trying to figure out why someone you know is a blabbermouth, astrology can help. Read on to discover the six signs who are most likely to spill your secrets, from a little gossipy to guaranteed to break your trust.

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Because Cancers hold their friends and family so close, they want to make sure everyone always gets along. Celebrity psychic and astrologer Inbaal Honigman explains that this family-obsessed water sign is a mediator, which means they'll "do their best to iron out any differences between people."

They'll often try to make their loved ones see eye to eye by telling them about one another—and that can sometimes involve sharing private information along the way to help them connect more deeply. This isn't malicious secret-spilling; instead, it's about bonding people based on shared experiences.


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Capricorns could keep a secret if they wanted to, but unfortunately, they don't. Honigman says while Capricorns are "intelligent, socially aware, and understand social structures, they like to maintain a certain advantage, whether real or perceived, over their competitors." That can involve compiling information, which could potentially help them get ahead in life later on. If you work with a Capricorn, don't spill your secrets. They could potentially take advantage of them later on in their quest to climb the corporate ladder.

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Virgos are task-focused and don't see the value in keeping secrets, whether it's theirs or others. Honigman describes them as "plain speaking, straightforward, no-nonsense individuals who get uncomfortable when they need to hide facts." They can remain tight-lipped if they believe it's important, but for the most part, they would rather tell the truth. Honigman says they have trouble withholding confidential information because "anything else would feel like a lie, and Virgos never lie."


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If you've spent time with an Aquarius, you know that they're usually in their own heads, which makes it easy for them to space out and spill a secret. "This air sign can have a reputation for being aloof and doesn't often lean into vulnerability so they may have a more difficult time noticing it in others," says writer and astrologer Rebecca Farrar. Because they don't often let their guard down they might not recognize what it looks like if you do. So, they're not being spiteful if they spill; they just didn't realize something was said in confidence.

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These social butterflies often disclose private information because they love telling fun stories. They're always surrounded by friends or potential love interests they want to entertain, and if they run out of their own tales, they might start telling yours. Don't bother asking if a Gemini has spoken out of turn either. Honigman says that they "know that sometimes, a little white lie here and there can make life a little easier."

It makes sense that Farrar calls Gemini "the consummate gossip," since they can't "resist sharing a juicy secret." Don't be surprised if Geminis tell you a secret about yourself accidentally—they just love talking that much.


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Honigman describes Sagittarians as "warm, fun, loyal, and enthusiastic." But despite being good (and exciting) friends, it's easy for them to let something personal about you slip, especially when they're talking to family.

Farrar says that this funny sign is known for its "playful nature," which can mean they love to tell a funny story. Unfortunately, your juicy secret might just be part of their next storytime if you're not careful.

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