This Is the Zodiac Sign Most Likely to Spy on Their Partners, Data Shows

If you're dating this nosy zodiac sign, make sure you keep your phone locked.

In any relationship, communicating with and trusting your significant other should be a major priority. Unfortunately, if there's any break of trust, it can lead to some serious consequences. In those cases, you may find yourself doing things that you shouldn't—like looking through your partner's belongings without express permission. And while you may be someone who's never done this, chances are you've at least been tempted. Could that urge be written in the stars? Data shows that one zodiac sign is actually more likely to spy on their partners than others.

In May 2020, Divorce Magazine set out to discover which zodiac sign keeps tabs on their partners the most. To find out, they worked with experts at Psychic World, an online platform that connects people with psychics, who asked 2,112 people if they ever went through their partners' phones and computers. These participants were then categorized based on their zodiac signs. Whether you take astrology seriously or just think it's fun to think about, you might be surprised to learn which zodiac sign is the sneakiest of them all. Wondering if there's a chance that you'll find your partner rummaging through your things? Read on to learn the zodiac sign that is most likely to spy on their partners.

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As the sign that trusts their significant others the most, only 11 percent of Aquarians confessed to snooping through their partner's phone. Aquarians have sharp minds and are "aspiring to change the world" in any way they can, per Allure. Since these free spirits are busy making progress happen, Aquarians probably don't have the time to spy on their partners.


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A respectable 15 percent of the Virgos in this study said that they've spied on their partners. As an earth sign that is known for their organizational skills, Virgos are extremely resourceful, and will always give you a "shoulder to lean on," according to In Style. Virgos like to be as open and honest as possible in a relationship, which could be why you won't find them picking up their partners' phones.


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Slightly more concerned than Virgos, 19 percent of Sagittarians admitted to going through their partners' phones, and they most likely aren't ashamed of doing this. In fact, as noted by Cosmopolitan, this fire sign likes to live freely and "resist rules, regulations, constraints, and schedules." They tend to do what they want to do, and enjoy doing it.

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Just like Virgos, 19 percent of Libras expressed that they didn't always trust their partners. Although spying may not be a good habit, Libras wouldn't do this without a valid reason. This air sign is focused on creating steady and honest connections with others, per Allure. And they don't hesitate to go after what they want when looking for a partner.

"Relationships are paramount for Libras, who find balance in companionship," Allure says. They love harmonious partnerships with fashionable mates, especially those who make attractive arm candy.


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Meanwhile, 23 percent of Capricorns revealed to Psychic World that they've gone through their partners' devices. This earth sign is a high achiever, which helps boost their self-esteem and confidence in any situation, according to In Style. When it comes to relationships, Capricorns truly put in the work, and they won't settle for a partner who doesn't do the same. So, if they are spying on their partners, they may have at least had good intentions.


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Even nosier than Capricorns, 31 percent of Taureans said that they've spied on their significant others. Per InStyle, Taureans not only love their downtime, but they tend to focus on "life's simplest pleasures." But while they seem relaxed, they still take some things seriously and don't just jump in the deep end, especially when choosing someone to love.

"The earth sign isn't interested in moving at anyone else's pace, including in romance," InStyle says. "They're considering all of the factors—what's in their head and heart, sure, but also practical matters that could help or hinder the potential for a lasting match."


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With 42 percent of Aries admitting they've poked their noses in their loved ones' business, this sign falls right in the middle. If they don't trust their relationships, they will instantly speak their minds about it. According to Cosmopolitan, they are known for their bravery, loudness, and strength. Despite the fact that these qualities can be a lot to handle, Aries' big presence shows that they genuinely care about their loved ones.

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In this study, 62 percent of Scorpios revealed that they've spied on their significant others. They still have extremely good instincts and are quite passionate, per Allure. These qualities will be apparent in any relationship they're in. Because Scorpios are so intuitive, they can "strike when least expected," especially when their partners have been up to something fishy.

"Life is a game of chess for these calculating water signs, who are constantly plotting several steps ahead in order to orchestrate an eventual checkmate," Allure says.


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The Geminis in this study are a bit more curious than Scorpios, with 66 percent owning up to going through their partners' phones. If they are caught snooping, it probably doesn't faze them. As described by InStyle, Geminis are the noncommittal type in their relationships. They keep their options open and "flirt through endless conversations." This air sign likes to take its time before truly settling down.

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Coming in third place on this list, 69 percent of Pisces said that they've done some snooping throughout their relationships. But once they got caught, they probably learned their lesson from it. With passion and empathy, the water sign absorbs all the "joys and pains" of life, according to Allure. And in the process, they tend to let their feelings get the better of them.

"With such immense sensitivity, Pisces can easily become swallowed by emotions and must remember to stay grounded in the material realm," Allure says.


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Psychic World found that 71 percent of Cancers looked at their partners' phones and computers. This isn't exactly a surprise, as this water sign tends to pay a lot of attention to the people they love, as noted by Allure. In fact, Cancers enjoy a "constant companion" and romance, which can create challenges when their partners want some privacy. With that in mind, you may find them poking their heads into almost every conversation.


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As the sign that spies on their partners the most, 75 percent of Leos in the study confessed to being up in their significant others' business. This fire sign is a natural-born leader, as noted by InStyle, so they won't hesitate to take charge in their relationships if necessary. Since Leos are extremely independent and have charismatic energy, they seek a partner who can match their personalities and meet their needs.

"Anyone hoping to move forward in a relationship with a Leo would do well to lean into optimism, a love of living, and an appreciation for luxury, as even the most modest lion would adore the regal treatment," InStyle says.

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