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The Most Tense Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

High strung behavior and stress is a regular part of their routine.

You definitely know someone who is in desperate need of a massage—the tension oozing off them is palpable. These people can't seem to unclench their jaws and are coiled up so tightly they put out the vibe of really needing a day (or maybe a week) where they can relax and unwind. It might be stress or anxiety, but astrology could also be a reason why these folks can't let anything go. Keep reading to find out the most tense zodiac sign from slightly strung out to always on edge.

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Pisces can't turn off their emotions, but a lot of the time they keep these feelings to themselves until they're just about ready to burst. They're introverted and a bit on the quieter side, yet they still want to take away the burdens of those around them.

"They feel so deeply and can delve into the shadow sides," Rebecca Schmidt, astrologer at Trust the Effing Process says.

This intensity can inadvertently cause tension because Pisces doesn't necessarily know how to release it in a healthy way. This water sign just needs to be loved and supported, so they'll be less on edge if you can lighten some of their emotional load.

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Ruled by the moon, Cancer's emotions are intense and are always shifting. They feel things deeply, including everyone else's energy. They understand people and want to be the one to make someone feel better, but sometimes they take on too much.

Jill Loftis, an astrologer and founder at Nuit Astrology, says it doesn't take much for them to whip out their crab-claws to keep you at arms length. Caring for others 24/ 7 can add pressure to these water signs and they can become worn out and tense.

"They proactively protect themselves, as well as the ones that they love," she says, which is why they find it more difficult to relax.


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You may just be able to feel the tension radiating from from Aries at times. These people are leaders with strong personalities who are always trying to be the best at everything—which can be a lot to endure. It's key that they have healthy outlets like exercise to release any pent up energy or they'll likely cause some destruction. Loftis says they "can instantly shift into warrior mode and be ready for battle."

These fire signs tend to lose their tempers or respond impulsively to things outside their control. "If they can practice patience and take a deep breath before they speak/react then life may feel calmer for them," says Schmidt.


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It's no secret that Scorpios carry a lot on their shoulders. They're also a water sign, so like their Pisces and Cancer comrades, they feel everything at a higher level than most people. Schmidt explains that they are prone to holding things in and have a brooding energy about them.

These people don't know how to let others in easily and can come off as tense and keyed up without necessarily meaning to. They only ever let their guard down if you've managed to gain their trust and it's hard for them to relax or lighten up.

"If they can learn to feel their emotions and to express themselves often they may calm some of their tension," Schmidt says.


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Virgos are on a constant quest for perfection and they love being useful. Don't expect them to stop or slow down even though they might clearly need a break. "Virgo can be like a coiled spring," Loftis says. These earth signs also get overwhelmed easily, which makes them even more tense since they get stuck in their own spiral of self-doubt.

They're always ready to give their opinion and offer suggestions for improvement even if you didn't ask. Loftis adds that they're ruled by Mercury, so their minds are in constant motion and it can be hard for them to even think about relaxing, let alone actually taking the time to rest and reset.

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Geminis love to chat and they're always jumping from group to group, but they might be putting on a front more often than you think. Most of the time you won't even know how tense they are because they hide it so well. All this acting is the reason they are the most tense sign of the zodiac—keeping up their personas constantly can string them out.

Loftis tells Best Life that they can be consumed by their minds and get anxious quickly.

"They have an underlying buzz of constant thoughts and nerves," Schmidt says. "Grounding exercises could be very calming and helpful for them."

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