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The Most Impulsive Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

Thinking things through isn't part of the plan.

Do you know someone who says yes all the time? Do they rush into things without thinking about the potential consequences? These people dive in head first, might be a little accident prone, and sometimes their actions can get them in trouble. This impulsivity might be instinctual, but these quick-thinking behaviors could also have something to do with astrology. Keep reading to discover the most impulsive zodiac sign from a dash of daring to straight-out recklessness.

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Taurus people love living in opulence and appreciate the beauty that comes along with the materialistic things in life. They're ruled by Venus and have a strong need to find pleasure and comfort, which can often lead to impulsive behaviors. "Taurus can impulsively buy luxury items, or spend money to feel important," explains Jill Loftis, astrologer and founder at Nuit Astrology. These earth signs typically make choices to appease their mind and body in the moment without considering the consequences.

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Libras are fast-moving, social butterflies. They want to be in control—especially when it comes to their friend groups and relationships—and will often act on impulse in order to stay in charge. This impulsiveness may get the best of them at times, but Ryan Marquardt, astrologer and founder of Ryan's Astrology, says it usually doesn't get them in too much trouble. "Even if they act on impulse to text an ex, or invite a friend out for dinner, or make a spontaneous change in their relationship status, they typically do it with ease in order to not disturb the peace too much."


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Geminis are ruled by Mercury, the planet closest to the sun with the fastest orbit, and it shows because they are always zipping around. These air signs go wherever the wind takes, which makes it hard to keep track of where they're coming from or what they will do next. "They feel detached from obligation and responsibility, so they're able to easily get up and go, which can be jarring for other people to witness," Marquardt shares. As a sign that's known as a free spirit, their day-to-day experiences are always changing which ultimately leads to their impulsivity.


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Leos have a particularly bright outlook on life as their ruling planet is none other than the sun. The third fire sign tends to have strong instincts and are "willing to take a gamble on choosing to move forward towards their goals and ambitions, rather than hanging around weighing the odds of success," Loftis tells Best Life. They love leaning into their creative and artsy side and encouraging others to have fun. They'll definitely act on impulse more often than not, but there's a sensible side to them as well. Leos won't get you in too much trouble, don't worry!


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Sagittarius people are genuinely optimistic and usually have luck on their side. Their willingness to take risks is larger than other signs and they thrive on adventure and exciting experiences. It's likely they'll act on their desires without paying any mind to the how or why of it all. "This Jupiter-ruled sign tends to act or speak first and contemplate later," says Loftis. Others might not understand their drive to know and learn things and will view certain choices they make as sudden or impulsive. But as another fiery sign, this balanced chaos and out-of-the-box lifestyle makes complete sense. "Going for it is their go-to," says Loftis.

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As the first sign of the zodiac, it's not a surprise that Aries is the most impulsive—and often their urges are so strong that they influence others to act the same way. "As a protective mechanism, Aries will act out of impulse because it feels like a primal urge that they must follow, whether it's the best move for them to make or not," Marquardt says. Those under this fire sign ruled by Mars have an air of confidence that may cause them to do first and think later. They don't like getting stuck on the details and they'd much rather ask for your forgiveness than your permission.

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