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The Most Independent Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers 

These folks aren't afraid of striking out on their own, and they'll have fun doing it.

Does the thought of eating alone in a restaurant terrify you? Are you unable to make big decisions without assurance from your loved ones? If you answered yes, then you're likely not on this list. Certain people are completely self-reliant, always speak their mind, and don't fear being alone, whether that means they're not looking for a relationship or can easily take a solo vacation. If you've wondered why some folks are more self-sufficient than others, astrology might have the answer you've been hunting for. Read on to hear from astrologers about the most independent zodiac signs, from confident individuals to single-and-loving-it free spirits.

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Capricorns are hyperfocused on finding success and don't need other people to make it happen. Astrologer and spiritual healer Emily Newman describes this sign as "diligent, self-sufficient, and hardworking." She says "they prefer not to rely on anyone for their finances or employment."

Many Capricorns are freelancers or own their own businesses because they like to be in control when it comes to their careers. "Capricorns typically strive to work on their own initiative… because they dislike giving people an answer," Newman explains. They know they can always give it their all, so the thought of working solo doesn't scare them.


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Geminis are all about having a good time and socializing, which means many times they don't think about others. Instead, they "always act in their own best interests," Newman warns. The exception is when they're entertaining others; in those cases, they're very laid back.

Because this sign doesn't put much emphasis on other people's opinions, they're "brilliant and talented at achieving their goals without depending on anyone," Newman says. They have a tendency to move from task to task, which is another reason they fare better on their own.

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Virgos are famously analytical and intelligent. They believe everything should be done perfectly and that they're the only ones who can do it that way. "The Virgo personality chooses to act independently rather than intuitively needing their own space," Newman notes. "They know too many people ruin their work, and they're perfectionists, so they usually do their own job."

These traits can come off like Virgo is untrusting, but Newman says they "set boundaries to prevent people from taking advantage of them." Don't be alarmed if the Virgo in your life is always telling you what to do, they just think they know what's best (and they usually do).


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This carefree sign is not afraid of doing exactly what they want. They'd rather ask for forgiveness than permission. According to Newman, Sagittarians are "highly experienced at preserving interpersonal bonds, so they don't panic when faced with dangers or obstacles since they have confidence in their ability."

In addition, Sagittarius is considered the most adventurous zodiac sign, so they very often "seek out new experiences in life," says Aimi Davis, an astrologer at Online Mediums. All that traveling and thrill-seeking has left them confident and comfortable in flying solo.

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This emotionally detached sign truly doesn't care what anyone thinks about them. They know they have out-there ideas, and they're proud to share them. Newman says Aquarius "adores being free [and] can't stand having their life controlled by others."

But sometimes, this fierce self-sufficiency can be a negative. "Because they're so independent, Aquarius doesn't feel obligated to appreciate anything just because it is well-liked or because someone else suggests it," Newman explains. Instead, they'll play devil's advocate and go out of their way to share their own beliefs.


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Aries are known for being completely individualistic, always trusting their gut. They make decisions quickly without asking their friends or family for advice, and they don't look back and question their choices, no matter how reckless they may be. Even if they "make wrong choices, they know they will ultimately succeed in their goals and acquire the necessary knowledge," explains Newman.

Davis also notes that this autonomous sign is "not intimidated by criticism, which helps make them strongly self-sufficient." Ultimately, Aries live life the way they want, so they're as independent as they come.

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