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The Most Reckless Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers 

Spontaneous or totally careless? These daredevils act with reckless abandon.

Ready to take a walk on the wild side? Grab one of these adventurous folks for an impromptu night (or day) out on the town. But if riding a motorcycle down a winding road or quitting your job on a whim aren't quite your cup of tea, you may want to steer clear of these spontaneous and at times hot-headed folks. Why do certain people act with such reckless abandon? It could be related to their horoscope. Ahead, astrologers share the most reckless zodiac signs, from a little bit impetuous to ridiculously rash.

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This spontaneous sign never thinks before they act. "Both impulsive and impatient, Aries are the ultimate thrill seekers, driven by their need to get their next adrenaline fix," says astrologer, clairvoyant and spiritual coach Tara Bennet. The passionate and energetic sign won't stop until they get what they want, and when they're angry, they don't care what onlookers think about their actions.

"The influence of Mars makes Aries folks brave, sincere, and even blunt," explains resident astrologer for the Futurio app Alice Alta. "In a moment of righteous anger, they don't care about people's opinions and aren't concerned if their behavior seems inappropriate." Beware of an Aries' wrath, because that's when they truly exhibit thoughtless behavior.


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There's nothing this irresponsible sign loves more than entertaining their pals with their shocking antics or wild stories. Bennet describes Geminis as "social butterflies" who are easily bored, which means their "spontaneity can lead to making rash decisions." Alta designates their life motto as "Act first, think later!" but since their close circle tends to look out for them, Geminis rarely get in trouble for their reckless antics.

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This sign is always down for an exciting adventure and craves new experiences. "Sagittarians are keen to explore the world, whether by private jet or simply with a backpack," Bennet says. But, she adds, they "[put] adventure before safety, and you'll rarely find them checking crime rates or possible hazards." Much like Geminis, they in turn love to wow at parties by bragging about their wild escapades.

According to author and astrologer Theresa Reed, "Although Sagittarius is ruled by lucky Jupiter, they tend to push their luck at times." She explains that they're a "restless" sign that often longs for a change of scenery. "When that wanderlust kicks in, they will take off, leaving a trail of tears in their wake." Before you enter into a relationship with this sign, make sure you've got your passport ready.


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These unconventional freethinkers love to shock with their unpredictable and reckless behavior, "not taking into account how their actions or words affect those around them," Bennet warns. Aquarians will say offensive things just to watch people react since they don't think that society's expectations apply to them.

"They tend to put themselves above the law, rules, and restrictions," Alta says. "And they can do crazy stuff only to shake things up and add some surprise to their dull existence." Basically, if an Aquarius gets bored, they'll start acting out.

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This sign is completely focused on success and will do anything to make it happen. "Capricorn will go to the ends of the earth for something they believe in," Bennet says. "If anyone or anything stands in their way, Capricorn will do everything within their power to shift them. Their reckless disregard for friendship and lack of loyalty causes pain in the long run." This can often lead to making enemies by saying or doing things that show they don't care about the people around them.


Man Skydiving {Risks You Should Take}

These daredevils thrive when they're challenging themselves with dangerous endeavors. When life becomes too predictable "they may (subconsciously or not) take unnecessary risks [to release their] wild energy through activities like extreme sports," Alta explains. So don't be surprised if they're posting skydiving or bungee-jumping photos.

Scorpios are also notorious for their intensity, so expect a devil-may-care agenda. "Although Scorpios are fixed signs, when they get mad, they will burn everything to a crisp in a heartbeat. Their scorched earth policy may create liberation, but the chaos they leave behind for others to clean up can be seen as maddening," warns Reed.

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