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The Most Ambitious Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

These folks are driven and crave success.

When it comes to ambition, some people are more driven than others. Whether that means being hyper-focused on obtaining a certain position at work, having an unwavering lifelong dream of traveling somewhere, or having a bucket list you're determined to run through, a spirited, go-getting attitude that rejects complacency is innate for certain folks. If you're wondering why this personality trait is more prevalent for some, astrology might be able to explain it. Read on to discover the six most ambitious zodiac signs, from extremely eager to truly committed.

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Aquarius has a different type of ambition than most other signs. While they are very independent, they are also quite focused on the collective and societal improvement. "They have a tendency to be stridently in service of a cause or a vision for a better world," explains Jill Loftisastrologer and founder of Nuit Astrology. "They are also willing to be quite ambitious as far as securing their own freedom to live to the beat of their own drummer."


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Once Aries decides what it's after, step aside. "Bold and willing to strike out alone in pursuit of their ambitions, they can be incredibly single-minded and hardworking when it is for something that they really want," says Loftis. Like the ram they identify with, "they will persevere" no matter what they're up against, she adds.

There is an attention aspect to this, too. "They aspire to be the greatest and remain in the spotlight," psychic reader and spiritual healer Emily Newman explains. "This form of incentive appeals to them since it encourages them to strive more."

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Sagittarius wants to have all of the experiences. "In pursuit of pleasure, knowledge, or just bucket-list fun, they always have a long list of exotic locales to visit, courses to take, and fun to be had," says Loftis. Their drive doesn't necessarily relate to career goals like some of the other signs here, but they're still just as determined to see their vision through. And while their dreams might not be someone else's taste, it won't stop them from pursuing anything.


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Do not get in the way of what the Scorpio wants—this sign works extremely hard to attain their objectives. "They have the drive, the will, and the tenacity to go after their goals and desires," explains Loftis. "Their ability to work through difficulty and face up to challenges often places them ahead of the pack in whatever arena they choose." So, if a Scorpio is going after something—stand down.

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This sign has high ideals and wants things to be their specific version of perfect. "They will spreadsheet the details, put in the hours necessary, and will work extremely hard to get things to meet their standards," explains Loftis.

Newman agrees. "They want immediate results, which are not always attainable," she adds. Perfect is not too much to ask—for a Virgo.


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Capricorn rules the 10th house, which is "the house of soul purpose, big-picture career choices, and authority figures," explains Loftis. "It is the sign of experience, old age, and people in powerful positions," she adds. They are leaders, bosses, and people who command a room. In short: "Capricorns want money, position, and power, and they are not afraid to go after it all."

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