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The Most Rebellious Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

Astrologers say one sign is more defiant than the others.

Rebels can be fun, or they can be dangerous. Chances are you know someone who fits into one of these categories. Maybe they love to attend protests, always need to disagree, have an edgy fashion sense, or simply refuse to follow any rules. Whatever the case may be, it can make for interesting relationship dynamics (romantic or otherwise). If you're curious about someone's defiant side, there might actually be a reason as to why they have this personality trait: astrology. Read on to discover the most rebellious zodiac sign, from a little unruly to completely unmanageable.

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Cancers are seldom rebellious since they are so good at communicating. They will never oppose you, but they have their own method of carrying out their plans. "When Cancer rebels, it appears to be with flattery and many justifications," says psychic reader and spiritual healer Emily Newman. "You believe all of their justifications were sincere, but you know it's never on their to-do list." Just because they're silent doesn't mean they can't also be a little bit subversive sometimes—in their own way.


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Taurus is well-known for their determination, and there will be hell to pay if things do not go precisely as this sign has predicted. Because they are fearless, "they don't mind if they get into trouble," says Newman. In fact, they believe it is worthwhile "as long as they can persuade others to follow them." So, it's likely they'll bring you down with them if that's where they're headed.


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Libra is generally gentle, but they do have a tendency to follow their heart's desires. "They have a clear vision of what they want and are not scared to pursue it," says Newman. "They are just unconcerned about anyone's approval." In short, don't be fooled by their more mild manner: If they make a decision, they will stick to it and persuade their chosen opponent to follow suit.

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Sagittarius isn't here to play it safe—this fire sign is here to have fun. "Forever on a quest for meaning and adventure, Sagittarius is known to rebel simply for the thrill of it," says astrology consultant Sofia Adler. For them, life is meant to be lived outside the lines, regardless of any consequences.


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Aries essentially wants everything to go as planned, and they have little patience or tolerance for following any rules that aren't their own. "When they are unable to order anybody [around], they grow more rebellious," says Newman. "They like challenging others and showing that their point of view is true."

That kind of leadership quality is innate for them. "The more they rebel the more in tune they are with their true nature," adds Adler.


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Known for always following their own path, Aquarius is the most rebellious zodiac sign. Their independent thinking means that they're fearless when it comes to any type of authority. "Aquarius is not beyond opposing you merely for the sake of opposing you," says Newman. "This air sign is constantly thinking, planning, plotting, and waiting for the right moment to strike."

At the end of the day, it's important to keep in mind that they are generally free spirits. So, Aquarians often say "no" by default, simply because they don't want to do things the way they're expected to. "Rebel might as well be the middle name of this defiant, anti-status quo seeking sign," says Adler.

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