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This Zodiac Sign Is the Biggest Drama Queen, Astrologers Warn

According to astrologers, one sign has more of a flair for the theatrics than others.

Ever wondered if a certain zodiac sign is more prone to theatrics than others? Perhaps your Cancer friend always plays the victim, or maybe an Aries you know is always caught up in some kind of drama. If you're curious about which signs think they're on their very own reality show, look no further. Read on to find out which zodiac sign is the biggest drama queen, from slightly theatrical to full-on primadonna.

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While Aries might not personally be drama queens and kings, they get caught up in other people's issues. Psychic reader and spiritual healer Emily Newman says that it's the sign that "enjoys other people's drama the most."

Forensic astrologer Valerie Evans adds that Aries is known for being extremely passionate. So watch out, because "they get energy from battle" and love a "heated conversation."


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Cancers are known for having hard shells and soft exteriors and for their ability to hold a grudge, which can often lead to a serious spectacle. They protect the people they care about, even if it means going after others and burning bridges to light their way.

Evans explains that Cancers "put a high value on their relationships and will go to extreme lengths to create a hurricane to support you." "If you're trapped in any way, heroic Cancer will pull all the strings to show their devotion, even if a whole kingdom is left in tatters in their path," she adds.

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Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the planet that governs destruction and transformation, which can lead to loads of excitement, both good and bad. "Scorpions are a passionate and aggressive zodiac sign," Newman says. "As a result, their aggressive temperament can occasionally cause drama."


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Gemini famously displays two sides, which can lead to drama both externally and internally. Newman explains that because of this dual personality, this mutable air sign often thrives off of excitement and sometimes even "lives for it." Gemini "dislikes pointless drama and gets easily bored." But sometimes, that boredom leads to them spicing up other people's lives for their own enjoyment.

"Geminis may not be creating the drama, but they're highly skilled at communicating it, stirring it up, and keeping the subject alive for eternity," Evans explains. "If you want to create and relive drama, Gemini already pulled up a comfortable chair." So, Geminis can essentially be "drama queens by proxy."

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This gentle water sign might appear innocent at first glance, but it can be an illusion. Newman warns that while Pisces appear "lovely and innocent, don't be misled" because "they embrace drama and enjoy being the center of attention."

Evans says that Gen-Z reflects Pisces' need for drama: "The youngest members of Gen-Z, from 2003 to 2010, were born under Uranus in Pisces. This can lead to sudden emotional disturbances, rollercoasters, or experiencing a flood of tears at any moment."

Just because this sign is known for being emotional, it's not always a bad thing—especially if you're going through something and need a shoulder to cry on. "If you're looking for someone to cry with, a Piscean will not only share your drama with you but know it's on the horizon before anyone else," Evans says.


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Out of the signs on this list, Leo is the biggest drama queen. "They get pleasure out of gossiping and causing drama," says Newman. It's all about the power and the limelight for Leo.

Evans agrees. "It's only fitting that a drama queen might roar like a Leo since the Lion represents royalty," she says.

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