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This Zodiac Sign Is the Biggest Backstabber, Astrologers Warn

Astrologers warn that one particular sign is more likely to betray than others.

The only thing that hurts more than being attacked by an enemy is being betrayed by someone you love. There's nothing worse than a backstabber—just ask Julius Caesar—but they're not always easy to suss out. Those of us who are more trusting often end up getting hurt when we find out someone we've invited into our lives isn't as trustworthy as we'd hoped. Are there are any telltale signs to look out for? As it turns out, astrology can actually provide some hints of which signs are more likely to turn on you. Read on to find out which zodiac signs are the biggest backstabbers, from slightly deceptive to full-blown betrayers.

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Valerie Evans, forensic astrologer and author of Forensic Astrology 101: Using Timestamps to Investigate Unsolved Mysteries, explains that you might want to be wary of Sagittarius, who tend to be impatient and at times undiplomatic. "Sagittarius loves to think big [and] can't pass up an opportunity to contribute to a front-page story," she says, citing Linda Tripp betraying Monica Lewinsky as an example. (Tripp's ascendant was in Sagittarius.)


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Known for their tendency to be a bit emotional and flaky at times, Pisces also has a reputation for being a little shallow and superficial. So, it's possible that even if this water sign messes with you, they'll still be friendly. "They care a lot, but they can also disappear," says Evans. Still, they are compassionate, which makes them a little less likely to stab you in the back. "Pisces has the best disguises and are the spies of the zodiac," says Evans. "They can be chameleons and change their colors at any time."

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Astrologer Alexia Neonakis says that Virgos have the ability to be "critical [and] a bit cold-hearted and gossipy, with a mean streak." They also can get easily irritated. "Virgo is a mutable sign, so it can flip-flop a bit, but being ruled by Mercury, they have a detachment where they can not feel too deeply about something if they don't want to," she explains. In short: You don't want to get on their bad side.


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Geminis are infamous for being indecisive, and at times, inconsistent. Marion Williamson, Hint astrologer and author, explains that Geminis have "a legendary, two-faced personality that comes into play when you least expect it." While they're witty and charming, they can easily switch to insulting you behind your back (or flirting with your partner) within a moment's notice. "They can be best pals with you one minute, then selling their granny for a dollar the next," she explains. Evans agrees, saying that "the ruling planet of Gemini is Mercury, and being duplicitous comes with the territory."

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Super disciplined Capricorns have the ability to be ice cold in their quest to get what they want. Williamson calls Capricorn "the most ambitious zodiac sign" and the most likely to rise to the top because they don't mind who they offend to get there. "Don't expect a Capricorn to return a favor," she says. "They'll forget who you are as soon as they have what they need." That use 'em and lose 'em mentality makes them more likely to backstab.


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Ruled by Mars, Williamson says that Scorpios "are the most manipulative zodiac sign," and the most likely to backstab. "They're dangerous because they're not chatty, so you never really know what they're thinking," she says. "When the stinger in their tail makes an appearance, it hurts." Translation: Watch your back. Scorpios are good at obtaining secrets and holding onto them if (and when) needed for a cold serving of revenge.

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