The Most Manipulative Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

Astrologers reveal the most calculating sign.

Some people are just way more persuasive than others, and sometimes, that can be a bad thing. Playing with someone's emotions or taking advantage of them can be harmful when it comes to romance, friendships, and working relationships. It might be difficult to avoid these types of people in life, but have you ever wondered what makes them harbor these traits? The stars might be able to explain why they act the way they do. Read on to discover the six most manipulative zodiac signs, from slightly slippery to the master schemer.

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While Virgos are known to be gentle and giving, underneath their kind personality is a person who wants to impose what they want on others. However, "their manipulation leans toward the passive-aggressive side," says Maria Hayesastrologer and founder of Trusted Astrology. You'll likely find them making side comments, veiled threats, or playing the victim to get what they want."It's hard to tell if Virgo is being manipulative, though," she explains. "This sign knows how to hide secrets well, which makes knowing their motives even more difficult to do."


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Leos, of course, love attention. But whenever they're not getting recognition from the people they want it from, their manipulative side will come out. "They have a tendency to do reverse psychology, telling their loved ones that they would do or get the things that they want by themselves just because the other party cannot or would not do it on their behalf," says Hayes. This sign opts for "guilt-tripping," and likely the people being manipulated won't even realize it until later.

You can also expect them to target your self-confidence. "If you have a competing talent with a Leo, they will let you shine first, then they take the stage second in an effort to outshine you—and they often do," says astrologer and tarot reader Ryan Marquardt. "It can dim your own light and make you want to give up something you love doing because you no longer feel worthy of it."

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You wouldn't necessarily expect Pisces to be manipulative—that's what makes them so good at it. "Pisces knows how to twirl people around their little fingers just by amplifying the good things that they have done," says Hayes. "If they want something, they would have no qualms voicing all their positive attributes to make people think that they truly deserve that thing."

Marquardt describes their manipulation as "a magic trick." "Pisces knows how to use their watery puppy dog eyes to make you empathize with them and do things for them that you don't really care to do," he adds. Unfortunately, their motto should be "kindness is a weapon" since they'll utilize it whenever it benefits them.


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Because Libra is adept at maintaining balance, they know how to use "just the right mix of good and evil to make sure that they get whatever they want," says Hayes. They'll try to act innocently, but their manipulation isn't too subtle. People who know them well will catch on.

As a Cardinal Air sign ruled by Venus, Libra has learned to be an expert at making you think that doing what they want was actually your idea. "They observe the people around them closely and learn what their triggers and weaknesses are so they can smoothly get what they want while also avoiding confrontation and difficult conversations," says Virginia Castiglione, an astrologer at Aquamarine Content Marketing.

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Gemini will be the first to put blame on someone else so that they can dodge a bullet. "With Mercury as their ruler, they are smart, savvy, and can charm with the best of them," says Jill Loftis, astrologer and founder of Nuit Astrology. "They have many ideas, and many desires and can scheme up a variety of plans to get what they want."

And it can be brutal for whoever gets in the middle of their warpath. "Betrayal isn't beneath them, after all, they are the sign with multiple sides," says Hayes. "This leads to their victim accepting their fate and Gemini going on with their life as if nothing happened to the person that they victimized for their own benefit."


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It's not surprising that Scorpio is the most manipulative zodiac sign: "They are quiet and thrive in dark corners" and "observe people well so that they can exploit others' weaknesses," says Hayes. You can expect this sign to brazenly gaslight someone without any hesitation⁠—and they can be convincing. "Scorpio is known to be very persuasive when they speak, making the other party believe that they were in the wrong even if they hadn't done anything at all," she adds. It's what makes them one of the most brilliant and dangerous signs.

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