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The Zodiac Sign Who Always Gets Their Way, According to Astrologers

These astrological signs always have a trick up their sleeve.

There are some people who always seem to get what they want: They apply for a job and receive an offer; they slide someone their number at the bar, and that person calls the next day; they ask for a discount at a flee market, and they're offered 50 percent off. In some ways, it's a personality trait of theirs, but if you ask astrologers, it could also be attributed to their star sign. Here, the pros outline the top zodiac signs who always get their way, ranked from slightly strong-willed to endlessly effective.

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This sign is stylish, sensual, and, in a word, stubborn. Pedro Cabral, a Brazilian Vedic astrologer, says Taureans are especially persistent if their group of friends is also invested in accomplishing something (say, if everyone is vying for the same promotion at the office).

"When they set a goal, they dedicate themselves to achieving it, no matter what," says Cabral. "Their practical approach and patience often allow them to conquer what they desire over time."

Other signs might merely covet achieving something—but this sign will create a plan for how exactly to get there.

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This sign's motivation makes it good at starting things, and its impatience makes it even better at finishing them.

"Aries is a cardinal fire sign that is the leader and initiator of the entire zodiac," says Adama Sesay, astrologer and author of Black Moon Lilith Rising. "It's in their nature to focus on their own goals with self-motivation and passionate energy."

Sometimes, the people in their path might even complain about Aries' pushiness and domineering behaviors.

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This sign is known for being a boss, so it's no surprise they typically get what they want.

"They're of the earth element, which means they're normally practical and grounded, but they're also ruled by the planet Saturn, which has domain over boundaries, setting a sturdy foundation and rules," says Christa Lei, an intuitive astrologer. "Given they're also cardinal signs—meaning they're really good at starting things—Capricorns have the motivation, drive and discipline to go after what they want in the way that they want it."

It's often their way or the highway, so they'll take the lead and make things happen.


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There's no one with more star power than Leo, a charismatic fire sign that's ruled by the sun.

"Leos are self-confident, charismatic, and radiate a powerful presence," says Cabral. "Their determination and seductive maneuvers play a crucial role in assisting them to achieve goals and have others do their work."

In other words, they're well-versed in the art of persuasion. If they want to convince someone to support their latest business venture or to donate to their charitable organization, they will. Expect them to turn on the charm at a moment's notice.

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Virgos know how to get results.

"They are methodical, planning, and forthright and the hard work they put in everything is often monitored, calculated, and—for lack of another way to put it—they can prove their work," says Michele D. Telltarot card reader and astrologer. "Similar to working a math problem and showing every single step you make to get the answer, a Virgo often applies this theory to each part of their life, and when it is uncovered, it's hard not to let them win because you see the tedious steps they have taken to achieve the goal."

Their penchant for deep work and communication serves them extraordinarily well.

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There's no doubt Scorpios can be conniving. But that's not the only reason they always get what they want.

"When most people think of Scorpios, they immediately use the keywords intense and obsessive, which sounds daunting, but they use their intense obsession—did I mention they're traditionally ruled by the planet Mars, which rules action, motivation, anger, drive, and more?—in order to get them to meticulously research and form a plan of action," says Lei. "They won't make a solid move until they've calculated exactly how to get what they want, and then they'll strike."

This sign isn't afraid to play the long game, either. If you think they might have a trick up their sleeve—they definitely do.

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