The Least Emotional Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

Don't expect them to cry at your wedding or share their deepest, darkest secrets.

You probably know several people who wear their hearts on their sleeves. Their eyes well up at a moment's notice, their expression drops when they hear hurtful news, and they pour their feelings at every gathering. Then again, you probably know a few people who behave oppositely. Instead of showing you every piece of their inner world, they sometimes seem cold as ice—or at the very least, extremely capable of monitoring their emotional experience. Today, we're talking about those people. According to astrologers, they may share a horoscope. Keep reading to hear from experts about the least emotional zodiac signs, from the somewhat steely to the truly restrained.

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This sign certainly won't let you into its inner world. "Scorpio isn't emotionless per se, in fact, they sometimes feel too deeply, but they definitely don't make a habit of wearing their emotions on their sleeves," says Tay Francis, a human design, astrology, and self-empowerment coach. "They prefer to keep their feelings close to their chest, and it takes a lot for them to trust others enough to be vulnerable with them emotionally." If you're not in their inner circle, they'll likely appear distant or put up a facade to mask their true selves.


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Taurus is too busy working on its upward mobility to concern itself with intricate matters of the heart. "[They] are very concerned with money, material possessions, and personal resources," says coach and astrologer Linda Berry. "Their Bull symbol represents strength and stability, which allows steady progress in their pursuit of power with little concern for the feelings of others." Instead of asking questions about their colleagues' hobbies and relationships, they're more likely to chat about which courses they're taking to keep their skills fresh.

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This sign is sometimes considered cold. "Aries are known to be without emotion, being outwardly aggressive and competitive with a strong initiative to succeed and conquer," says Berry. "Like the mythological Ram, which is their symbol, they rarely quit at anything they set their mind to, especially when it involves a position of power, pushing any type of emotions to the side." They enjoy being the best at everything—especially in their career—and may not care who they hurt in pursuing their goal.


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Aquarius simply doesn't care to let others in. "Aquarians tend to be aloof and unconcerned with emotions, preferring to spend their time immersed in their own unique and rebellious pursuits," says Francis. "In relationships, Aquarians are likely to bolt if there's too much emotional drama." They rarely allow people who are excessively emotional into their inner circle and prefer to remain somewhat of a lone wolf.

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This is another sign that's too busy pursuing goals to get lost in its emotions. "Capricorn is a very logical and strategic sign; they care more about the facts and solutions than the emotional parts of life," says Francis. "Ruled by Saturn, the god of restrictions and responsibility, Capricorn really doesn't have much time for emotions because they're always thinking about the things they need to do." This sign has difficulty engaging in heart-to-hearts and emotional chats. Francis notes they also often appear disinterested.


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Behold, the least emotional of them all: Gemini. Berry explains that this sign keeps things surface-level and never shows its deep feelings to others. "They have the keen ability to improvise their emotions and be a totally different person or two-faced, hence their symbol of the Twins," she says. "A Gemini has a basic personality that's adaptable and alert, which gives them the ability to lie without breaking a sweat in order to divert from showing true emotions."

They also often use sarcasm to redirect emotional situations. In other words: if you're having a tough day and want to commiserate, there's probably a better friend to call.

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