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The Angriest Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

You can see the steam coming out of their ears.

Some people get so mad it makes sense where the image of the person with steam coming out of their ears comes from. They get frustrated at the drop of a hat and can yell until they're red in the face. If you're the one to put them in a bad mood, beware: Nobody wants to be in the crossfire when they get hostile. Is their zodiac sign to blame for their bad temper? Keep reading to uncover the angriest zodiac sign from quite cross to fully fuming.

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Taurus finds comfort in routine and predictable outcomes. In other words, they are pretty stuck in their ways and don't like dealing with change. When their sense of security is threatened, Rachel Clare, a professional astrologist at Mystic Sense, says that this bull can get disproportionately angry.

They also become frustrated if others aren't seeing things from their perspective. These practical people don't like to be challenged and will fight back when they feel they're in the right. "They're slow to anger, letting emotions simmer and build before exploding loudly and uncontrollably," says Tara Bennet, astrologer and spiritual coach at Mediumchat.

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Leos have larger than life personalities and they value authenticity. "They'll go to the moon and back for those they care about, but if they or their egos are hurt, their claws will come out," says Bennet. It's sometimes hard for them to control their emotions, so if they're feeling crabby you'll know.

They don't get angry super easily, but if something doesn't go their way you'll see their fiery side. Plus, they have a flair for the dramatics—they will throw a tantrum and pull out all the stops if they feel it's necessary.


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Sagittarians are generally optimistic and excited for where life's next adventure will take them. They possess a thirst for knowledge and natural curiosity about the world around them, but sometimes their enthusiasm can spark their anger.

As one of the free-spirits of the zodiac, they have a strong aversion to being told what to do. "When they sense their wings being clipped or their sense of autonomy being challenged, their anger may ignite like a bonfire in the wild, refusing to be contained," says Clare.

They are a fire sign, so they're also known for their directness. If they feel wrong or betrayed, their blunt honesty can come across as mad, Clare tells Best Life.


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Although they don't show it right away, Scorpios are incredibly sensitive. They're also ruled by Pluto, the planet of transformation, which adds even more depth and intensity to their personality.

"When their feelings surge, it's like witnessing a powerful wave crashing onto the shore, leaving quite an impact," says Clare. These water signs can hold onto their anger for years, especially when they're criticized.

Since they don't let go of things easily, their anger can show up at any time. Clare compares their moody tendencies to a sudden rainstorm on a sunny day.


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Aquarians are known for their free-thinking energy and unique personalities. They go against the grain and can get angry or irritated when they have to try and explain themselves to others.

They always feel like they have to come up with the next big thing and it bothers them when their ideas aren't well-received. "Aquarius can come across as a bit of a wet fish, but when under pressure, their temper rises to the surface," says Bennet.

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As a sign that's ruled by Mars, the god of war, it's no wonder that Aries is the angriest zodiac sign. They can be some of the most passionate people you'll ever encounter but they also have some aggressive tendencies and a sharp temper.

"Aries are prone to bursts of anger that can flare up like a wildfire," says Clare.

They are not scared of confrontation and are always ready to go headfirst into any challenge. And if you get in their way, their frustration levels will only get higher. These fire signs also lack patience, which can make them blow up quicker than most people. "Cursed with a short fuse, these rams' anger explodes like a volcano," says Bennet.

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