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The Pickiest Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

They know exactly what the want—and they won't settle for less.

Everyone knows the story of Goldilocks and the three bears—and many of us know people who are just like Goldilocks. Everything has to be just right, and they won't settle for anything less. These folks have strong opinions, high standards, and don't care that they are hard to please.

Knowing yourself well and holding out for what you want is great—but could the stars have something to do with why some people are so picky? Read on to find out which sign astrologers say is the pickiest in the zodiac and which are runners-up, from the slightly selective to the fully fastidious.

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Aquarians are definitely under the impression that everything they do is above and beyond. They have a distinct thought process and a way of going about things that others aren't likely to pick up on so easily.

Tara Bennet, astrologer and spiritual coach at Mediumchat, says people born under Aquarius tend to spend too much time in their own heads poring over every minute detail. They're definitely known to be fussy at times, and they pride themselves on knowing what they want.

"Understanding every specification, option, and detail makes settling for anything else almost impossible," Bennet says.

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Libra is an air sign, and they're known for their communication skills as well as their ability to see multiple perspectives. They always want to consider every angle, and have a tendency to scrutinize details. "This penchant for thorough examination contributes to their pickiness, as they aim to make choices that align with their sense of fairness and harmony," says Rachel Clare, a professional astrologist at Mystic Sense.

These peacemakers are also cardinal signs, which means they know how to lead with ease. They express their assertiveness in a diplomatic way, but don't push aside their own wants and needs either. "They have a knack for seeking compromise and finding middle ground, but they can be selective about the partnerships and endeavors they invest their energy in," says Clare. Not everything is their cup of tea, and they'll let you know.


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Leos knows they can be a lot, and they need people who can handle their finicky behavior. "Their egos make them picky about the finer things, always wanting to draw attention and look their best," says Bennet. She compares them to dragons looking for gold, since they are always on the hunt for the shiniest and prettiest things to add to their collection. They're also a fixed sign, so they have no problem going after what they want—which of course is nothing short of excellent.

Sure, they are highly selective, but if you've checked all their boxes, a Leo might let you stick around for the long term.


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Like Libra, Aries is also a cardinal sign, and these folks are always are in the mood to take charge. They have natural leadership qualities and are okay with being a little particular—sometimes too much so.

Clare tells Best Life that Libras aren't afraid to voice their opinion, and since they believe in striving for nothing but the best, they're happy to pinpoint your flaws. These fire signs are always on the lookout for excellence and are committed to finding things that align with their high (and perhaps unattainable) standards. "When we weave these astrological threads together, we paint a vivid picture of a picky Aries; the influence of Mars, the symbol of the ram, their fiery element, and the cardinal modality all contribute to their discerning nature," says Clare.


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As a fixed sign, Taurus is known for practicality and resistance to change. They like things to be in a certain order and done exactly as they see fit. Bennet says they are also super stubborn and won't do anything unless it's by choice—and that's where their pickier side comes out.

These bulls are earth signs, so they are more grounded than most, but that also means they pay really close attention to detail. "They have this uncanny ability to spot flaws and imperfections, and when they latch onto something, they're not letting go easily," says Clare. People born under Taurus want everything to be just so, and that applies to all aspects of their lives—from the people they hang out with to the experiences they have. For a Taurus, everything must be top-tier.

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Virgos strives for perfection in all aspects of their lives, and are quick to criticize you for any wrongdoing. Plus, they're ruled by Mercury, the planet that's all about communication, intellect, and attention to detail—and they certainly embody those qualities.

It's this quality, combined with their high standards, that makes Virgo the pickiest zodiac sign. "They have a keen eye for spotting the tiniest imperfections and won't hesitate to point them out," says Clare. Whether it's their career, their personal space, or their relationships, these earth signs are always aiming for flawlessness. Anyone who doesn't measure up to what Virgo deems acceptable won't be sticking around. They know they're almost impossible to please, and it's unlikely that you'll be the one that convinces them to change.

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