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This Zodiac Sign Is the Biggest Showoff, According to Astrologers

They'll tell you how much their car cost and throw around pretentious phrases.

Being a showoff isn't the worst personality flaw, but it can be an annoying one. The showoff in your friend group will be the first to let you know they won the fifth-grade spelling bee, scored an impossible dinner reservation, or landed the house of their dreams—and paid for it in cash. Showing off goes beyond being proud of your accomplishments (so feel free to celebrate that hard-earned promotion or new apartment lease). Showoffs make it a point to brag about themselves and flaunt their abilities. It turns out that trait might be determined by the zodiac. Here, astrologers tell us the most show-offy signs, from the perpetually proud to the fully flashy.

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A Taurus isn't a showoff in an egotistical way, but they often work hard to make their hard work known.

"When they're trying to show their dominance in a subject, it'll be more about divulging their sacrifices," says Hellenistic astrologer Courtney Trethric. You can expect humble brags about getting absolutely no sleep last night to finish a presentation or having zero free time after caring for a sick kid.

Their famous stubbornness blends with this trait, too. "Even if they're not the best manager in the building, if they think they are, they won't budge on their decision to self-proclaim that title," Trethric adds. They often won't take no for an answer.


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Virgo is the perfectionist of the zodiac—and sometimes, that can lead to some showoff-y behavior.

"They'll be the first to dive into a conversation they're confident in, to display their intelligence and brag about their knowledge," says Trethric.

Again, their behavior won't come off as egotistical. "A perfect example is Keanu Reeves and Beyonce," Trethric explains. "They're both top tier in their respective areas and don't show off in an obvious way, but it's clear that they've mastered their craft." In other words, Virgos often earn their bragging rights.

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Fun-loving, friendly, and outgoing Sagittarians have a way of attracting good luck.

"These positive attributes are based on their ruling planet of expansive Jupiter, but they can also take a turn for the negative under certain circumstances, making this sign an unexpected showoff," says coach and astrologer Linda Berry. "Sagittarians might not know when to quit as well, as be an 'open mouth, insert foot' type of individual, which can turn those around them off."

For example, they might be telling you about the incredible promotion they landed at work—but go on too long and accidentally slander the coworkers they beat for the gig.


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Gemini is the bonafide life of the party. These social butterflies have no problem striking up a conversation with a stranger or wearing a show-stopping outfit to an otherwise subdued event.

"Even though they don't want to draw attention from anyone, they will find a way to flaunt their abilities," says Charette Vachon, astrologer and tarot reader. "They enjoy flaunting their stuff, ranging from jewelry to their collection of exquisite clothing."

So, while they might not head to your dinner party with the intention of wowing the crowd with their delicious dessert contribution, they might do it unintentionally. Oh, and their toast will likely be more charismatic than yours (again, unintentionally).

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Success comes naturally to Aries. "Like the mythological Ram, the symbol of this sign, they rarely quit at anything they set their mind to, especially when it involves a position of power," says Berry.

They enjoy being number one and are unwilling to share the spotlight that often comes with it. "This fire sign goes to all lengths to impress if it gives them the edge that's needed—driving the fastest cars, eating at the finest restaurants, and wearing the latest designer clothes," Berry adds. "They always want to attract attention and be noticed."

The next time you chat with one, don't be surprised when they bring up everything they've accomplished since you last met.


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Leo is ruled by the sun—and because of that, they adore the spotlight. "Leos love to be the center of attention and are very dramatic and proud, putting them at the top of the list for the biggest showoff of the zodiac," says Berry.

Leo is strong and powerful and has the ego and opinions to match. "They exhibit their creativity and performing brilliance with lots of nobility and grace, both attributes that easily put them in front of an audience, such as in movies, television, and theater," says Berry.

They might invite you to their next performance of the dancing or acting variety; or their next dinner party, where they'll no doubt put on just as dramatic of a show.

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