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The Zodiac Sign Most Likely to Put Their Foot in Their Mouth, According to Astrologers

Whoops! These signs make awkward blunders more than most.

Foot-in-mouth disease. You might have it yourself, laying awake at night obsessing over the fact that you told your in-laws how disgusting you find liverwurst just before they set a platter of said meat out. Or maybe you've been the victim of it, sitting in shock when your best friend tells you how nice you look when you take the time to brush your hair.

Everyone slips up and makes blunders now and then, but some people just can't seem to stop—and it could be due to the stars. Read on to hear from astrologers about the zodiac signs most likely to put their foot in their mouth, from those who make slightly socially awkward comments to people who are chronically clumsy with their insults.

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Pisces are emotional, intuitive, and deeply empathic. Therefore, they are very attuned to people's feelings, which "encourages them to revel in others' experiences," explains Charlotte Kirsten, founder of the astrology blog Typically Topical. "Unfortunately, their desire to be involved causes them to ask the occasional downright socially-awkward question. 'When are you expecting?' to an unexpectant mother is a classic Piscean 'uh-oh' moment."

But Pisces' compassionate nature means they always feel dismayed over their missteps, following them up with "red cheeks, [an] awkward smile, and profuse apologies," notes Kirsten.


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As the most extroverted zodiac sign, Leo is not afraid to give you their honest opinion. From a positive standpoint, "Leos love to compliment people," notes Ansley Echols, founder of astrology provider and blog Purpose Vibes. But she says they are often too quick to offer flattery and can occasionally misread situations.

Kirsten adds that this quality in Leo has to do with the fact that they're "ruled by the luminary sun [and] can't help but shine a light on a person's traits, both the good and the bad." She explains that as much as they want to praise you, they also believe they're being honest and trustworthy when they point out your bad hair day. "Even if these are one-offs, you can expect a Leo to comment on them, leading to some thorny interactions."

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Aries are very independent and confident, so they're quick to fire off opinions or start a debate without much thought. "Straight-shooting Aries takes zero prisoners as far as the truth is concerned," asserts Kirsten. "They take a very direct, no-nonsense approach which can cause some rather uncomfortable social situations."

Echols points out that their impatience also plays a part in them putting their foot in their mouth. "Oftentimes, someone will tell an Aries something, half of which the Aries didn't listen to, then they'll go off and tell half the story to the one person they shouldn't have said anything to and added in their own opinion which adds insult to injury."


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Aquarians are considered the most eccentric zodiac sign. They're free-spirited thinkers, passionate about their social causes (sometimes to a fault), and oftentimes rebellious. After all, they're "ruled by innovative, yet disruptive Uranus," notes Kirsten. She says this leads them to "make sweeping and over-generalized statements [that] results in them accidentally mentioning a hate or dislike of a profession, career, or lifestyle only to then find out the person to their left is involved in that activity somehow."

While other signs will try their hardest to cover up their blunder, Kirsten says Aquarius might acknowledge it and make light of it, but "they'll never backtrack on what they said. It goes against everything this water-bearing sign stands for."

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Geminis are the social butterflies of the zodiac. They're ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and words, so they love nothing more than chatting with friends, telling jokes, and meeting new people. However, their desire to be the life of the party also makes them the most gossipy sign. "It's very hard for a Gemini to resist a juicy rumor," notes Tara Redfield, a professional astrologer at Another Day Greener Lifestyle & Astrology. "They [then] share and repeat information that isn't true, getting them into trouble with others."

Kirsten explains that the root of their oversharing is often "an attempt to strengthen social bonds." She says that what they see as "jovial banter" is seen by others as "frivolous gossip." After they've charmed you and gotten all the nitty-gritty details of your life, "they might just forget you told them not to share that oh-so-embarrassing secret with the entire room." Oops!


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It was pretty unanimous among the astrologers we spoke to that Sagittarius is the most likely to put their foot in their mouth. Known for their intensity and assertiveness, this sign is often blinded by their own goals and convictions, so they will speak bluntly without thinking about the implications. "Saggies think nothing of committing the social faux pas of talking politics and religion at social gatherings, which usually [leads to] an incident of watching them put their foot into their own mouth," explains author and astrologer Lisa Barretta.

Kirsten notes that there can be a positive side to their "sarcastic comebacks and witty one-liners," as they're great at making light of bad situations. However, it's when they take it too far that it becomes problematic. "What seems like an innocent joke to the fiery archer could actually come across as offensive to the more serious and sensitive symbols of the zodiac. Though not done intentionally, Sags rarely think about the consequences of their actions until after the event, leading to a true 'What did I just say…' moment."

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