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The Most Gossipy Zodiac Sign, According to an Astrologer

An astrologer reveals which astrological sign loves to talk.

Some people have the gift of gab—but when it's directed your way, it doesn't always feel like a present. Whether they love to dish on the latest celebrity breakups, have loose lips when it comes to secrets, or enjoy telling other people's private information because it gives them a sense of power, there are certain personalities that thrive on gossip. And there might be a reason for it: their zodiac sign. Read on to see which sign is the most gossipy, from slightly prattling to full-on blabbers.

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Aquarius is an air sign that enjoys sharing knowledge. "They occasionally pick up on things that may be spread as gossip, although this does not occur regularly," says Emily Newman, a psychic reader and astrologer at The Best of Psychic Readers. Truthfully, if the Aquarius in question is a genuine friend, they can keep secrets. Find comfort in the fact that "they will not divulge complete information unless they have to," she adds.


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Virgo is a mature sign that prefers to remain silent when others gossip. They do not share anything until the person is trustworthy, including their closest friends and family. "They will not pass on personal information unless they know the truth, but if Virgos are hurt by someone and are unable to face them, they will talk," says Newman. She adds that this earth sign is "so adorable that anybody may share all information" with them. You can rest assured knowing that they will not, however, reveal the secrets of others.

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Libra is a relationship-oriented sign, and they find individuals to be intriguing subjects of conversation. The air sign tends to be concerned with fairness and will be the first to notice if an individual has mistreated someone else. "If they gossip about a negative element of someone, they make a reasonable judgment," says Newman. Typically, they explain why something is wrong and why someone is good. "Librans dislike it when rumor causes harm to their loved ones," she adds. "So they realize that gossiping is wrong."


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Sagittarius enjoys being the life of the party and the one that everyone admires. "They do not believe they are gossiping when, in fact, they are," says Newman. "They like gossiping, but they jump to conclusions before hearing all the facts." This can be an issue when the fire sign might get fixated on what they think to be accurate, seeing reality in only black and white.


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Scorpios try to become experts on the people in their lives. "Scorpios are also the finest advisors, so they will give you the best counsel if they are your actual friend and know everything about you," says Newman. But they can be "researchers and stokers" because they are so inquisitive about the people around them. As a result, this water sign "chats about what was done and why all the stories needed to be investigated and researched," says Newman.


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The top pick on our list will likely not surprise you too much: It's Gemini. This mutable air sign is known for gossip, and they certainly enjoy it. "Gemini is a two-faced personality who cannot maintain secrets after making a vow," Newman says. While they will not contaminate your wound by rubbing salt on it and tend to be uninvolved and genuinely sympathetic, "anybody may manipulate them," says Newman. Thus, your secret is not secure with Gemini.

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