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The Cheapest Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

You'll probably be footing the bill when you go out with these people.

There's nothing wrong with being conservative with your finances. Shopping smart, making wise investments, and not spending frivolously are all the makings of a secure future. But when your habits start affecting others—for example, you let a friend foot the dinner bill, or you never Venmo your coworker for the group gift you said you'd go in on—you might be deemed cheap. To better understand this tendency, we turned to professional astrologers. Ahead, they share the cheapest zodiac signs, from fairly frugal to seriously stingy.

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Pisces is only cheap when it comes to things they deem unimportant; otherwise, this empathetic sign can be generous to a fault.

"These fish are all about world peace," says astrologer, clairvoyant and spiritual coach Tara Bennet. "They would gladly give all their possessions to charity but shy away from spending unless it's for a worthy cause."

Because these compassionate folks want to make a difference, they can sometimes be found over-drafting their accounts, leading to cheap behavior in their day-to-day life.


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Cancers are the homebodies of the zodiac, so they'd rather curl up with a good library book than go out on the town and spend money on martinis.

"They are careful with their money and prefer to spend it on items that make their home cozy to create a homey atmosphere for their guests," explains author and astrologer Lisa Barretta.

And once they acquire items, they have a hard time parting with them. "Protective of their privacy and home life, Cancer can be a hoarder, attaching sentimental value to… old train tickets," notes Hint astrologer Marion Williamson.

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Scorpios are notoriously secretive, which can lead to them hiding their financial status, even from close friends and family.

"They are careful who they spend their money on because they must first trust that you aren't taking advantage of their generosity," says Barretta.

These scorpions will go to such great lengths to keep their finances private that "they'll never pick up a check and loathe splitting one," adds Bennet. "Their sheer intensity and infamous dirty looks stop anyone asking to go halves."


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Williamson describes Virgos as uptight and frugal. These perfectionists get hyper-focused on their finances, keeping spreadsheets, obsessing over every penny, and "always worrying if they'll have enough," says Bennet.

"They do not spend frivolously, if at all, and only part with their money when necessary," agrees Barretta. "If the purchase isn't practical, then Virgo moves on."

And be forewarned that going out to dinner with a Virgo might get awkward. "They will scrutinize a bill and leave the standard tip no matter how good the service," Barretta adds.

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Yes, Capricorns like nice things, but the way they acquire them is through stingy habits. "They'll live on fish fingers for years if it means saving for a Ferrari or paying off their mortgage," notes Williamson.

This is also why they spend so much time at work, stopping at nothing to reach the top of the corporate ladder. "Capricorns are the workhorses of the zodiac driven by their need to secure themselves and those close to them," says Bennet.

Sometimes, however, their cheap ways go a little too far. "They'll mend old items multiple times, only replacing them as a last resort," Bennet adds. "Their pleasure comes from watching their savings grow rather than instant gratification."


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Like fellow Earth signs Capricorn, Tauruses likes the finer things in life. In fact, they're often called materialistic. But don't be fooled as to how they came about these high-end possessions.

"Taurus likes to hold on to their money," explains Barretta. "If they feel they are getting a good value, they may consider spending, but only after a long, patient consideration about letting the moths out of their money belt."

And because they'd rather spend on themselves, "these bulls and their cash are hard parted," adds Bennet. "They're the first ones to accept an invitation, but the very last to put their hands in their pockets."

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