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The Most Passive-Aggressive Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

They'll avoid confrontation at all costs.

Getting up in people's faces and saying absolutely whatever is on your mind is not a good thing. However, there's something enviable about being able to assert yourself. You can calmly state your case when you're upset and deliver the facts without getting emotional. Then, there are those of us who will avoid confrontation at any cost, perhaps wielding an eye roll or underhanded dig as our only means of getting our point across. According to astrologers, these people may be one of the most passive-aggressive zodiac signs. Read on for the full list, from slightly apathetic to completely avoidant.

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Geminis are super social and outgoing—but they also love to gossip and play games, so they're less likely to be direct.

"Gemini is the trickster of the zodiac, capable of holding multiple truths at once," shares astrologer Isa Nakazawa, host of the new SiriusXM podcast Stars and Stars with Isa, in which she sits down with celebrities to find what their birth charts reveal about them.

"Though they are gifted communicators, their mercurial and high-wattage nature can leave others (and themselves) feeling overwhelmed and confused," she adds.


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Aquarius is extremely smart and quick-witted and "isn't afraid to stand up for what they believe in even if it costs them popularity," says Nakazawa.

However, when it comes to their loved ones, their passive-aggressive side comes out.

"Aquarius is often uncomfortable showing how much they care and [would] rather process emotions with logic instead of vulnerability," Nakazawa adds. "If they're not careful, this aloof and cool approach can create unintentional distance and hurt feelings."

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As the zodiac sign that's most afraid of change, Taurus doesn't like to ruffle any feathers, yet they are also incredibly stubborn.

"They're more likely to avoid confrontation and stomp around in frustration than directly address an issue," explains astrology consultant Sofia Adler.

Emily Newman, a psychic reader and spiritual healer, adds that Taurus expects others to know why they're upset without saying anything: "They'll drop not-so-subtle signals until the other person figures it out."


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Cancer is considered the most emotional and moody zodiac sign, especially when it comes to their relationships with their loved ones.

As Adler notes, they're "incredibly sensitive and quick to get offended if their desire for connection isn't reciprocated."

In these cases, they're likely to "lick their wounds and retreat before confronting a problem head-on," Nakazawa says. "Water signs often forget that people are not psychics and learning how to communicate one's interior self is an essential part of intimacy," she adds.

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Pisces has a much easier time feeling their emotions than they do actually communicating them. They also have a knack for escaping when things get tough.

"This empathetic and sensitive water sign isn't built for direct conversations or confrontation, but they can't not wear their heart on their sleeve," says Adler.

Nakawaza also points out that if Pisces isn't careful, "they can absorb the emotions of others and unconsciously take on their pain and anger," giving them even more reason to escape into their daydreams rather than assert themselves.


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Is it any surprise that the diplomatic, people-pleaser of the zodiac is ranked the most passive-aggressive sign? These social and chatty air signs prioritize balance and harmonious relationships over everything.

"They will suppress their feelings and emotions and prioritize yours," says Adler.

However, Nakazawa points out that this tendency can quickly backfire "when it's time to keep it real." Even when their frustration bubbles to the surface, they won't know how to voice their concerns because they're too worried about rocking the boat.

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