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This Zodiac Sign Is the Most Afraid of Change, Astrologers Say

Moving, switching jobs, and even starting a new workout routine can really stress these folks out.

Certain life events are stressful for almost everyone—moving, starting a new job, and ending a long-term relationship, to name a few. Such intense changes are bound to cause unease and take time to get used to. But for some people, this anxiety is more pronounced, and it comes up with smaller events like a local coffee shop closing, a brand discontinuing their favorite shampoo, or having to switch offices at work, too. To understand why certain folks are more afraid of change than others, we turned to astrology. Keep reading to learn from professional astrologers about which signs dread transition the most, from the slightly adjustment-averse to those who are completely panicked over the unknown.

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You might find it surprising to see Aquarius here since this quirky sign is all about marching to the beat of their own drum. But these are changes they're personally initiating. "If it's forced upon them by an authority figure, they're likely to feel trapped and overwhelmed," explains Charlotte Kirsten, founder of the astrology blog Typically Topical.

While most signs fear change because it throws off their routines, Aquarius "resists the bounds of conventionality" and actually avoids "being steady and predictable," according to author and astrologer Lisa Barretta.

"Rooted in collaboration and open-mindedness, Aquarians love doing things for the 'greater good.' If the change contradicts their humanitarian and justice-seeking views or negatively impacts the lives of those around them, their rebellious side is sure to make an appearance," adds Kirsten.


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If you know one thing about Capricorns, it's likely that they have an intense work ethic. They're ruled by Saturn, "the taskmaster of the planets," explains Kirsten, so they favor "rules, regulations, and stable order."

This structured outlook certainly helps them on their way to achieving success. But if things don't go according to their carefully thought-out plans, it can make change "feel insurmountable for them, raising feelings of doom and imminent failure," says Tara Bennetastrologer, clairvoyant, and spiritual coach at Mediumchat.

"If they don't get the promotion they've been seeking or are asked to side-step into a similar paid position, their sense of purpose will be tested," adds Kirsten.

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The sign of the scales craves balance and justice, and when that gets thrown off, "they're quick to believe it's a disaster or downright failure when in reality it's the natural rhythm of life," says Kirsten. She notes that this applies the most in friendships and romantic partnerships, as they "despise extremes and worry about being left out in the cold." A breakup can "derail a Libra for weeks, if not months at a time," she adds.

Libra's quest for harmony also makes them incredibly indecisive. "This sign will weigh their options back and forth, ask others' opinions, and then still second guess if they made the right choice," notes Barretta. When they aren't able to "weigh up the pros and cons and to make sure it's within their comfort zone," Bennet says such a decision can cause a lot of unease.


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Is it any surprise that the biggest perfectionists of the zodiac are on the list? "Virgos plan and prepare for literally everything in their lives. Even the slightest change can cause inner turmoil," states Bennet. Similar to Libras, Virgos try to get ahead of change "so they can analyze every working part of the new plan," explains Barretta.

The workplace is where this sign's aversion to change will come out the most, according to Kirsten. "Virgos crave order, structure, and hierarchy, and though change can improve such systems, they're acutely aware of all the possible negative consequences and side effects (usually before they've even taken place!)," she says. "Their systems and methods have been tested through many rounds of trial and error, and so they loathe when anyone dares to modify them."

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Cancer "loves nothing more than stability," says Kirsten. "The inevitable ups and downs that come with change can leave this ultra-sensitive crab on what seems like a never-ending emotional rollercoaster." As the nurturers of the zodiac, "they fear not being able to look after their own needs and the needs of any dependents, and so are most likely to worry about changes in relation to financial security," Kirsten adds.

Another area where change will hit Cancer hard is the home. They typically retreat into their shells (or homes) when they feel overwhelmed, but when "the hard-won stability and consistency they have created as their safety net" is threatened, they can feel quite anxious, according to Ansley Echolsfounder of astrology provider and blog Purpose Vibes. Moving, therefore, is not something Cancer enjoys.


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It was unanimous among the astrologers we spoke to that Taurus is the most afraid of change. "Taureans love nothing more than routine, and that, combined with their inbuilt stubborn streak, means they are terrified of change," asserts Bennet. Kirsten explains that this is partly due to being a fixed sign and partly because "Taureans carry very sensual, yet grounded energy," so when their daily routine is disrupted, it causes them to panic immediately.

Taurus is also considered the pleasure-seeking sign of the zodiac, which means they like things just so. Don't try to switch their locally roasted espresso beans for some run-of-the-mill ground coffee. And don't even think about rearranging their homes. "They like their 'stuff' placed exactly where they know to find it," notes Barretta.

If you do need to spring change upon a Taurus, the best approach is to introduce it gradually so they can feel some level of control. "If they feel pushed or forced into change, the bull will become super stubborn and drag out any decisions that alter their comfortable, predictable ways," explains Barretta.

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