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How to Break Up With Each Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

Ready to be done? Here’s how to have "the talk" with your partner, based on astrology.

Everyone handles breakups differently. Whether you're the type to do it in a crowded restaurant (to avoid a scene, of course), or you prefer to go the ghosting route (harsh), there are plenty of ways to end things with your significant other. But if you're looking for the best way to let them down easily, you could always turn to the stars for guidance. According to celebrity astrologer and host of the Allegedly Astrology Podcast, Dana DeFranco, and professional astrologer and host of the Love & Stardust Podcast, KJ Atlas, the way people react to getting the bad news could be influenced by their horoscope. Keep reading for expert advice on how to break up with your partner, based on their zodiac sign. No ghosting allowed!

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If you're not feeling it, you need to be upfront with your Aries partner. To them, if you're not all the way in, you might as well be out. "Be direct and efficient in your breakup style, even if things get heated," advises Atlas. "Let them react in their own way, but be prepared that they might move on faster than you expect," she says.

Given that Aries is firey and competitive, DeFranco says to think of breaking up with them like surrendering in war, even if your relationship wasn't truly a battlefield. "It's actually the most compassionate and graceful way to dump a sign who gets its name from the god of war and is guaranteed to suffer both the pain of ending a relationship and the loss of not having beat you to the punch," she explains. "Just make sure neither of you conflates the act of surrendering with playing the victim," she cautions.


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Taurus rarely finds themselves in a casual relationship, so if you're breaking up with them, chances are you are at least exclusive. Since maintaining security is this sign's primary function, it will ease the heartache to let them know you still care about them and will be there if they ever need help. "While they are unlikely to cash in on this offer, it will lower their inherent defenses that arise whenever they anticipate betrayal," DeFranco explains. She says to "be firm but gentle."

Atlas also recommends working through your relationship issues one by one. And to lessen the blow, "tell them all the ways they added value to your life," she says. They'll feel good knowing your time together wasn't for naught.

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Dumping a Gemini is tricky because it's not unlikely for them to stay friends with their exes. "As a sign ruled by the planet of communication, Mercury, Gemini will need you to spell out your grievances and be open to having a conversation about them," says Atlas. Make sure to let them know what your boundaries are moving forward with regards to maintaining contact.

Geminis are also famous for asking all of the questions and then some, so it would be wise to plan how you'll respond. "You might consider coming equipped with some questions of your own. Better yet, just ask them the same questions they ask you," says DeFranco. "And although you don't have to be as particular with your tone and word choice as you would with other signs, they will really appreciate hearing how much the relationship taught you about life," she explains.


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Cancers are softies with a hard outer shell, so while they might try to act tough about a breakup, they're likely struggling inside. "If you've been with them for a long time, they probably think of you as family, which could make the adjustment much harder," explains Atlas. If you can, try to maintain some normalcy during the breakup and let them know you can still be there for them once you've had a chance to heal.

But—as the sign ruled by the Moon, the center of emotions—it wouldn't be a true breakup with a Cancer without some Oscar-worthy dramatics. "If you want to know the best way to dump a Cancer, consider the plot of Titanic: Jack and Rose have a high-stakes whirlwind romance bookended by him saving her life twice, sacrificing his own the second time," says DeFranco. "In case it needs to be said, Cancers don't want you to die, they just want you to suffer a teeny bit without them," she quips.

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Even if it's not true, breaking up with a Leo is definitely when you want to use the "it's not you, it's me" line. "Getting dumped is a massive blow to Leo's ego and an even bigger blow to their heart," explains DeFranco. "For this reason, it's best to bury the lead by apologizing for hurting them before telling them you will be breaking up because it's just not the right match," she advises.

"Remind them of how special they are and that you only want them to be their happiest… with someone else," Atlas adds. But if you're hoping to get away from this breakup without raised voices or tears, think again. Dramatic and prideful Leo is sure to tell you exactly how they feel. And whatever you do, avoid telling them you can be friends. Rest assured, they will not want to stay in touch.


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Virgo internalizes criticism harder than any other sign, so getting dumped is likely to trigger their fears of not being good enough to earn love. "For a Virgo, breaking up can feel like watching a fairytale backward," says DeFranco. But playing to their analytical tendencies can soften the blow.

As Atlas explains, Virgo is also ruled by Mercury, and therefore needs clear communication and the option to discuss everything before calling it quits. "If they can see where things went down from a data-driven standpoint with clear evidence, things can end amicably," she says. However, know that if you come on too harshly, their words might sting back. "Don't dish out something you can't take when you're calling it quits with Virgo," Atlas cautions.

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Libra understands themselves through their relationships with others, so letting them know that you also saw and loved them for who they are will make them feel seen. "When a Libra is dumped, they may feel an acute sense of rejection of their individuality," says DeFranco. "Focusing on your need for autonomy, as opposed to your need to break free from your relationship, will lessen the blow to their spirit and reframe the narrative," she explains.

If you anticipate breaking up with a Libra, Atlas also suggests letting your shortcomings become apparent sooner rather than later. They're likely to lose interest if you're failing to live up to their ideals, resulting in a breakup that "isn't so jarring," she says.


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Scorpio is among the hardest signs to break up with because of the variability in their personality. If something has been "off" in your relationship, your Scorpio lover has probably sensed it for some time. Still, it doesn't make the ending hurt less. "A Scorpio might react to the pain of a breakup a bit ruthlessly," warns Atlas. "Try to be compassionate and sensitive to their feelings, even if their first reaction is anger," she advises.

If this sounds like the person you're dumping, DeFranco recommends approaching the situation with as much kindness and vulnerability as possible. "Scorpio will appreciate your raw honesty and move on," she explains. "If you're dating the other kind of Scorpio (the one commonly depicted in memes), do everything exactly the same but block their number when you're done," she adds.

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Breaking up with a Sagittarius can feel awkward, especially if you waited for what felt like forever for them to commit. However, this passionate fire sign would always rather you be blunt and honest than beat around the bush. "The faster you can drop the bomb, the better," Atlas says. "Let them know why you're ending it, but don't attack their character—they'll probably outwit you there," she adds.

After you break the ice, express how grateful you are to know them and how much you will cherish the relationship. "Sagittarius lives their life in accordance with the stories they want to tell about it, and it's likely that you had the pleasure of experiencing this firsthand," says DeFranco. "Tell them a story about a memory you two shared together that means a lot to you. Don't be afraid to use hyperbolic language," she suggests. Once it's all said and done, however, you shouldn't expect to stay friends (unless you have travel perks or regular backstage passes with this adventurous sign).


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Breaking up with a Capricorn might feel a lot like resigning from a job. "You need to calmly and with great detail, if possible, [tell them] why they are no longer a fixture in your five-year plan and beyond," says DeFranco. They will be cordial and stoic as they conduct your exit interview, but anyone who's ever dated a Capricorn knows they have a secret silly side and a huge appetite for TLC. "No matter how strong and expressionless they may seem, remember to be as tender and caring as possible during this process," DeFranco adds.

When you're nearing the end of your talk with this serious, work-driven sign, "give them some time alone to process things but let them know you're ready to sort out the logistical side of things once they've had time to process," suggests Atlas. And expect that the breakup will only motivate them to work harder.

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Aquarius is notorious for being aloof, so breaking up with them can almost feel too easy. Quick, clear, and honest is the best approach. "They will appreciate a clean break, but if you have time to chat, take the opportunity to remind them of how special you think they are and how much you appreciate their quirks," says DeFranco. They tend to run on self-validation, but it's especially meaningful when another person acknowledges their individuality.

When it comes to staying friendly with exes, Aquarius takes the cake. If you also want to stay in touch, Atlas says to "explain to them with a logical reason about why it needs to end and what your ideal life will look like with them going forward. Then, get their feedback and work out a compromise to figure out how you will fit into one another's lives post-breakup."


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Dating a Pisces is a dream come true, which is what makes breaking up with them such a nightmare. Between tears, pleading, or the worst (the cold shoulder), it's best to keep things simple and sweet. "Pisces is sensitive, and although they have rightfully earned their reputation for playing the victim, it's also likely that they sacrificed their own needs and desires for you at one point or another, whether you know it or not," DeFranco says. Let them know how your relationship opened your mind and helped you develop spiritually. And more important than anything, resist criticizing them.

As the true romantics of the zodiac, Pisces is likely to be the one who holds on tightly to the idea that you might get back together. "If there's no chance, gently and compassionately tell them it's truly over," says Atlas. "Telling them that you might be friends one day could give them too much hope," she cautions.

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