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This Zodiac Sign Is the Biggest Perfectionist, Astrologers Say

Don't expect these people to settle for a so-so outcome.

Beyoncé might be "Flawless," but it's difficult for most mere mortals to achieve perfection. That doesn't stop some people from trying, though. Always aiming for nothing less than an A+ or meticulously fixing every strand of hair on their head can get exhausting, but thanks to their horoscope, some folks just can't remove themselves from this constant quest for faultlessness. Read on to hear from astrologers about the six zodiac signs that are the biggest perfectionists, from slightly Type A to all-out obsessive.

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These confident creatures are always setting unattainable goals for themselves. "The self-critical and self-conscious nature of Leos suggests they're attempting to build a sense of self through external gratification," says Wild Witch of the West astrologer Rebecca Farrar. And finding this fulfillment means second place is not an option. According to astrologer and spiritual coach Tara Bennet, "perfectionism is not a choice but a lifestyle" for proud Leos.

This focus on staying in the spotlight can cause these kings and queens of the jungle to become frustrated with those around them. "[They] crave attention and are often dissatisfied with how others comply with their demands and requests," explains resident astrologer for the Futurio app Anastasiya Kirilchik. 


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Pisces tends to be caught up in their head, and all this daydreaming and fantasizing can cause them to come up with some seriously unrealistic expectations. When their scenarios don't play out according to plan, these water signs can get majorly disappointed.

"Anxiety and unrealistic standards can be qualities of Pisces, making it more difficult to complete things or living a bit out of reality around what is possible," says Farrar. The flip side is that their creative imaginations can generate ideas that others may not have thought of.

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Scorpio takes a controlled approach to their perfectionism. Bennet says they're "smart enough not to try a seemingly impossible task right off the bat." They'll often watch others figure out a task and then model their behavior after those who have triumphed.

But because this sign loves being in control, they're likely to get angry when life is less than their idea of perfect. They're also "very demanding of others," says Kirilchik. They constantly "remind those around them of their imperfections," she adds. So don't get surprised when you get unsolicited advice from a Scorpio.


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These motivated leaders don't let anything get in their way. As over-achievers, they're easily upset if they don't cross everything off their lengthy to-do lists. But Aries are also extremely opinionated, which can make them "judgemental, critiquing both themselves and others in a hope to find a path to perfection," according to Bennet. Their egocentric nature also means they'll have a hard time putting themselves in others' shoes.

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Capricorns are famous for wanting to be the best at everything, especially in the workplace. Bennet says these overt perfectionists behave this way because "the ram is associated with determination, leadership, and strength."

This sign also has an internal fear of "not having enough or not getting anywhere," according to Farrar. "It is not an option for a Capricorn to fail because they didn't try hard enough. In fact, no one tries harder to be perfect than Capricorn," adds Bennet. Therefore, it's not unusual for these folks to be at the office way past quitting time.


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If you've spent time with a Virgo, you know they want everything done their way. This sign is synonymous with perfectionism because of their "love of order, tidiness, and attention to detail," Kirilchik says. This can make them come off as arrogant, especially because, much like Scorpios, they'll call out your perceived defects.

"With an eagle eye for inefficiency and mistakes, this sign has high expectations of itself and others," Farrar warns. However, if Virgos can channel this energy in an analytical way, instead of a critical way, it can lead to great results.

"Virgos' methodical approach to literally everything is at times simply mind-blowing," says Bennet. "[They've] perfected a routine for each and every task through their day, whether personal or business," she adds. Sounds like a true perfectionist!

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