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The Nosiest Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

No personal questions are off-limits for these people.

Some people can't resist getting a good piece of gossip. They're not embarrassed to ask you how much money you make or what happened with you and your ex. If you're out to dinner with them, they may very well be listening more to the conversation at the next table than they are to you. These unabashedly nosy folks love a juicy tidbit, which may be rooted in their horoscope. Here, we speak to astrologers to uncover the nosiest zodiac signs, from casually curious to intrusively inquisitive. Read on to see if yours is on the list.

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These born micromanagers are incredibly career-driven, therefore they tend to reveal an inquisitive side in the workplace. "Capricorns like to acquire information from other people because it might be a resource for them later somehow," says astrologer Ryan Marquardt. So don't be surprised if that new data you showed them ends up in their next presentation.

In some cases, this quality can turn ugly, Marquardt warns. "At their worst, Capricorns might seek out this information to use as potential blackmail in the future," he says. But no matter why they're grilling you, they know better than to let their guard down and express vulnerability, so expect their questions to be very direct.


Businesswoman Being Gossiped About By Colleagues In Office

These kings and queens of the jungle are always on the hunt for the scoop, hoping to use it to confirm that others see them as the star of the show. "By knowing everyone else's business, Leos can find more ways to further their own agenda and stay on top of their game," says Marquardt.

This busybody behavior is "a competitive advantage" for Leos, according to Marquardt. It allows them to best know how to outdo and outsmart those around them. This could come into play in a professional setting where they're trying to rise to the top or in a social setting where they want to be the most popular.

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This air sign is "all about reciprocity and communication," says Marquardt. "Libra is the sign of partnership, so they know how to merge with other people and get information out of them." One tactic is to tell you a personal secret, so you'll feel more comfortable opening up and sharing one (or many) of your own.

Marquardt calls Libras "the savviest" of the snooping signs because their nosiness comes off as sweet and sincere. Other signs who tend to be too trusting can easily find themselves divulging more than they should to a Libra.


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Pisces doesn't understand the concept of having boundaries, so they'll ask you to air out your dirty laundry when they first meet you. "That means when they're being nosy, they're probably inserting themselves somewhere they don't belong, but they're doing it in an almost innocent way because they simply don't realize it's inappropriate," Marquardt explains.

In many cases, you need not feel uncomfortable, though. Pisces' prying questions are often just the result of them trying to get to know you. They also dislike small talk, so they want to get right down to it.

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Virgos gather information because they hope one day it will be useful to them. As the sign ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and information, they are "the most strategic" of all the prying signs, according to Marquardt. He warns that they can be "harsh critics" who "won't hold back their true thoughts and feelings," often asking the same question over and over until you give them the answer they want.

Astrologer and psychic reader Emily Newman explains that Virgos' nosy side also comes out when they believe people are talking about an issue that impacts them. "If they discover that they must be involved, they will investigate everything," she says. For example, they'll do extensive research before a job interview or a date.


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Geminis love to gossip, which leaves them constantly gathering information they can disperse. This curious sign entertains by telling wild stories, and they don't care if these anecdotes are about themselves or pals. "They can't help but try to start a conversation, even if it's a conversation they don't necessarily belong in," Marquardt says.

This dual air sign is "interested in everything," according to astrologer and spiritual coach Tara Bennet. She says Geminis "can make even the toughest interrogation feel like a light-hearted chit chat" thanks to their "smooth conversational tone and ability to steer conversations in the direction of their choosing." Newman calls this behavior "manipulative" and cautions that this sign has a way of finding out your secrets even if you haven't divulged them.

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