The Most Spiteful Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers 

Make sure you don't cross these vengeful signs.

There are some people you just don't want to cross. Whether they quietly hold grudges for years or lash out at anyone who gets in their way, it's best to stay on the good side of someone with these malicious qualities. But if you have been caught in such a wrath, you may wonder what makes someone act this way in the first place. Well, astrology may be able to give you an answer to why your friend won't let you forget that you skipped her birthday party years ago or why a beloved family member can't help but act petty every time you succeed. Read on to find out the most spiteful zodiac signs, from somewhat snide to venomously vindictive.

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This water sign draws people in, but it also repels them. Pisces are "emotional magnets, immersed not only in their own lives but soaking up emotions from those around them," says Tara Bennet, an astrologer, clairvoyant and spiritual coach. These deeply intuitive individuals can use their empath skills to easily manipulate others. Astrologer Linda Berry agrees, describing Pisces as an "emotional sponge motivated by the need for approval." When they don't receive the validation they're seeking, they turn spiteful.


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Cancers are known for hiding behind their tough, shell-like exterior. Bennet warns if the crabs of the zodiac "let you into their hearts, take care not to hurt them or give them reason to take offense." While they might hide how they really feel, they'll hold a grudge and lash out in passive-aggressive ways. This water sign often uses manipulative behavior around their loved ones if they feel they've been wronged to exact revenge quietly.

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Virgos analyze everything, and when they're feeling vengeful, they think before they speak—which makes it hurt even more. Alice Alta, resident astrologer for the Futurio app, warns they show their spite with "hypercriticism and nitpicking," which comes out if they feel like they're losing control of a situation. Luckily, once you help them feel like they have the reigns again, they'll stop seeking retribution.


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Leos seem tough, but their ego bruises easily if they feel attacked. "Known to be immature and throw temper tantrums, they'll use whatever means available to not go down without a fight, which includes resorting to spiteful actions of any kind," Berry says.

Much like their lion counterpart, they react badly when they feel bombarded. Alta encourages people who have wronged a Leo to "turn the angry lion into a fluffy kitten simply by flattering them with sweet talk." Pour on the sweet nothings and the irate Leo in your life will suddenly seem sweet again.

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Libras are hyper-focused on finding balance in everything they do, which means they'll do anything to settle a score. Bennet says they are "firm believers in an eye for an eye to rebalance the scales."

Libras often become diplomats or lawyers in hopes to ensure there is a balanced world around them—and when they've been wronged, they won't yell or fight. "They may show their aggression on a very subtle level," warns Alta. Expect them to become passive-aggressive, quietly offering up plenty of backhanded comments.


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Scorpios are secretly sensitive and tend to react rashly without thinking about their actions. "The sting in their tail allows them to deliver the perfect retort or spiteful slight that will leave you paralyzed wondering where it came from," says Bennet.

Berry praises Scorpios as "having the strength and perseverance to meet any challenge brought their way." But this strength can also lead to them stabbing someone in the back. Berry warns, "Scorpios also lie easily and love to keep secrets as well as spread gossip."Alta says Scorpios have a powerful energy that can be "destructive at times."

"To combat this tendency, they should work on their bright side, learn to express their feelings more openly, show their softness, and try to fill the world with harmony and love," says Alta. If you find a certain sign seeking vengeance, search out their soft spots—they'll stop holding a grudge before you know it.

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