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The Sweetest Zodiac Sign, According to an Astrologer 

These good vibe signs are always making people smile.

Does your significant other make a point to check in with you when you're feeling stressed or is there someone at your office who is always smiling at everyone and asking how they are? Some people are just oozing with sweetness. These positive folks have the natural ability to make someone's day—and they may have astrology thank for that—whether that means providing a shoulder to cry on or just some good energy up in the mix. This pleasant quality is often written in the stars, so read on to discover the sweetest zodiac signs, from slightly saccharine to candy-coated.

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"Aquarians may have resting calm face, they're not big smilers, but their heart is massive," says celebrity psychic and astrologer Inbaal Honigman. They are known for being passionate and often have an agreeable nature. But they're not just delightful to friends and family members, they also make a point to stand up for strangers. "They're very concerned with justice and equality, and they won't hesitate to advocate for others," says Honigman. Aquarians look out for people in trouble and will always lend a helping hand—one of the sweetest things you can do.


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Virgos are famously analytical, but they have a secret softer side. While over-analyzing, they're also thinking about how they can help. Honigman describes Virgos as "the ones to make a batch of cupcakes and just put half in a box for you to take home, wash your floors when you've popped to the shops, or surprise you with an extra ticket to see your favorite band." Virgos aren't trying to be kind when they exhibit this behavior, it's simply second nature to them.


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Aries know how to entertain, which can make everyone around them feel charmed. Honigman describes Aries as "always fun to have around" because "they're the babies of the Zodiac and therefore have a really youthful vibe, which will make you feel young again." If you're seeing an Aries, you'll feel like you have a middle school crush because of their playful attitudes. Honigman describes their behavior as offering "a kiss when you least expect it or a random compliment about something you didn't even consider."

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Cancers are known for being incredibly caring to the people they hold close. They'll do anything to protect their friends and family and make them feel welcome and at home. Cancers host dinner parties to introduce their best friends or will come over to your place with a freshly cooked meal to make sure you're doing okay. If you're friends with a Cancer, expect them to exhibit sweet behavior when you need it most.


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Geminis are famously two-sided; like Sour Patch Kids, they can be both sweet and sour. But when this sign loves you, they'll want to charm you and show you how much they care. Honigman describes Geminis as "quirky and funny," which is fitting because they "love to see people smile around them." They love to entertain, and they'll make sure to bring new people into their group. No one's a stranger to a Gemini.


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Pisces are extremely romantic, so if they love you, whether romantically or as a friend, they can be super giving. Honigman says, "Pisces don't really care about money or status, so if they win something, they'll gladly share it, if they order their meal before you arrive, they'll let you have half, if they're called to the stage to accept an award, they'll take you along." All Pisces want is to feel secure, and they know that by giving back, they can cement a friendship or relationship.

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