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The Wittiest Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

These astrological signs seamlessly combine intelligence and inventiveness.

Wit is different than humor. While being generally silly can earn you all sorts of laughs and help lift the spirits of those around you, developing a quick wit is a true talent that combines intelligence, inventiveness, and cleverness. Because of that, it's often a skill that you either have or don't. If you've ever wondered if astrology comes into play here, experts say it just might. Read on to find out the six wittiest zodiac signs, from the slightly snarky to the seriously sharp-tongued.

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This sign is better known for its industriousness and dependability than for its snark. But given the right circumstances, Taurus can come up with some real zingers. "A Taurus will make a breathy comment under their hand in class and you'll find yourself folded in half and on your way to detention—that's how hard you're laughing," says celebrity psychic and astrologer Inbaal Honigman.

That type of relaxed humor is typical of an Earth sign, she explains. "They have a quiet, understated wit, which they only share with their nearest, trusted companions," says Honigman. "They're witty but very humble about it."


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Leos are natural performers. And while that often translates into them being talented singers, dancers, and speakers, they're also confident joke tellers—and have a quick wit to match. "Lions are very fond of showing themselves [off], so they operate very cleverly with words, attracting maximum attention with their humor," says Anastasiya Kirilchikresident astrologer for the Futurio app.

While snark might not come as easily to them as it does to other signs, they're willing to play the game if it means keeping up with the banter and proving themselves to be the most charismatic person in the room.

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While this sign is often involved in serious matters—like finding a way to achieve world peace or invent the next life-changing piece of technology—it also has a silly side. "Aquarians manage to laugh at any problem and can show people that there are no hopeless situations," says Kirilchik. "Even if the problem seems unsolvable at the moment, after the joke of Aquarius, you will be forced to laugh and forget about its complexity."

They're the friend you need at every dinner party to lighten the mood after a deep conversation.



Aries are famous for their assertiveness and confidence—two personality traits that put their cleverness off the charts. "Their humor is more direct and harsh, but they still amaze with their wit," says Kirilchik. "Thanks to their liveliness and clarity of mind, Aries easily achieve what they want and are optimistic about any obstacles."

Expect them to bring some hilarious snarky comments to any gathering. But don't worry, their energetic demeanor will make it so the mood never gets too dark.

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This sign is a bonafide life of the party. And what party would be complete without a witty attendee or two? "Sagittarians know a lot of people and have been to a lot of places, so they can make witty comments that involve a whole broad frame of reference," says Honigman.

What's more, their silliness is universally appreciated. "Their humor will relate to anyone," Honiman adds. "They don't make it exclusive." With a Sag, you'll never have to worry about the joke going over your head.


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This sign can attribute its wit to its dual nature. "Geminis are hilarious because they are two twins," explains Honigman. "They're twice as funny, twice as quick-thinking, twice as involved in the conversation, and twice as knowledgeable on hilarious references than the next person in the room."

Plus, they live to entertain and will do almost anything to get a laugh. "Even if it's a quick-whispered comment, meant to tickle just one person, it'll be worth the effort for them," says Honigman. Invite a Gemini to your party and you can rest assured it'll be a night to remember for everyone.

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