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The Most Sympathetic Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers 

When you need a shoulder to cry on, turn to these compassionate signs.

In times of need, you often need someone who will do more than just lend an ear. You're looking for a compassionate person who won't pass judgment but will provide helpful insights at the same time. The next time you need a shoulder to cry on or a pal to unload your frustrations on, you may want to turn to one of these signs. According to astrologers, these folks make great partners because they're super supportive and encourage you to speak your truth. Read on to discover the most sympathetic zodiac signs, from slightly sensitive friends to bleeding-heart companions.

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Aquarians might not seem very sympathetic at first. They don't have "cute and cuddly vibes like a Cancer or Pisces does, but that doesn't mean they're completely closed off and aloof," explains Charlotte Kirsten, professional astrologer and founder of astrology and esoteric blog Typically Topical. "The water-bearer may put up an emotional barrier to ward off others' negative energy, but… they have a classically soft interior."

And since they are considered the smartest zodiac sign, you can expect the Aquarius in your life to take a non-judgmental approach to your problem and provide thoughtful advice that's not tied to their own feelings.


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Libras like everyone around them to be happy, so they're good at keeping a situation under control. "Libra isn't known for its sensitive side, but it is known for its pursuit of justice and peacekeeping," Kirsten explains. "If you've been wronged, they're the first to lend a supporting ear, though don't be surprised if they fight your battles for you."

Their nature also makes them wonderful partners in a relationship. "Problems aren't 'you problems' or 'me problems, they're  'we problems,'" says Ansley Echols, astrologer and founder of Purpose Vibes. "They will hold your hand and walk through every insecurity and every hurdle as a team."

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Virgos are incredibly supportive because they're great at problem-solving. "This analytical, perfectionist-driven sign might not seem like a likely contender, but Virgos are the practical healers of the zodiac," explains Kirsten. She says this mutable earth sign "prides themselves on their ability to conjure up magical cures and solutions to even the most inescapable of problems."

This desire to help makes Virgo incredibly generous, too. Whether it's listening when you're upset or helping you pack boxes while moving, they'll be the first in line when you need a helping hand.


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Taurus is known for being stubborn, which is often seen as negative. However, it's this trait that makes them compassionate. "Their fiercely loyal nature means they're dedicated to creating a lovable and sympathetic environment," explains Kirsten. They only feel content themselves when those around them are calm, so they're happy to go out of their way to make others feel at ease.

It also helps that Taurus is the most trustworthy sign. Once you tell them a secret, they're honor bound to keep it, so you can feel comfortable sharing your deepest feelings.

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Pisces will ask you what's wrong before you know you're upset yourself. This kind sign offers love and comfort to their friends and family without a second thought. As Kirsten notes, they are "ultra-intuitive," so they're able to "read other people's body language like an open book."

They're so in tune with other people's feelings because they soak emotions up like a sponge and are, thus, very empathetic. "Pisceans feel the weight of the world on their shoulders and feel people's pain very easily," explains professional astrologer Leah Goldberg. She says they are amazing listeners and will always approach situations with an open, sympathetic heart. They eschew small talk for deeper conversations and prefer getting to know someone by learning about their true emotions.


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It's not surprising that the most sensitive sign of the zodiac is also the most sympathetic. "Ruled by the moon, the comfort-seeking crab is deeply in tune with their divine feminine, the aspect of ourselves that connects with motherly, caring instincts," Kirsten says. "[They] can't stop themselves from 'feeling all the feels' and so can sympathize in even the toughest of situations."

Echols concurs, noting that Cancers are "able to identify how you're feeling better than you can." As Goldberg explains, they are "extremely sensitive to people's auras, energies, and vibrations." Cancers are also the zodiac's born nurturers, so no matter the situation, they'll be patient and gentle with those they hold near and dear.

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