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The Most and Least Generous Zodiac Signs, According to Astrologers

They'll be there for you whenever you call... or they won't pick up the phone at all.

You probably know someone who is extraordinarily generous: They'll give you the shirt off their back or a much-needed loan without a second thought. If you need a shoulder to cry on, they'll be at your house instantly. On the other hand, you probably also know people who are the last ones you'd call if you needed a helping hand. They'll never take out their wallet at the end of the meal, and forget about them heading to the bar to buy you a celebratory cocktail on your birthday. Which group someone falls into could be determined by their horoscope, astrologers say. Ahead, they rank all 12 zodiac signs from least to most generous.

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This notoriously secretive sign doesn't want people to know how much money they make or have, so they're unlikely to openly consume. They're also unlikely to treat you to anything, as they don't want to send the wrong idea.

But this intense sign also has a tendency to overspend when no one's looking. "Scorpios need to develop the skills to obtain the necessary balance and avoid focusing on money too much," says Alice Alta, resident astrologer for the Futurio app.


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If you want to lean on Capricorn as a professional mentor, they'll be all ears. But if you expect them to be generous with their free time or hard-earned money, look elsewhere.

"Capricorn has a reputation for austerity, and they're the Scrooge McDuck of the zodiac," explains Alice Smith of Alice Smith Astrology. "They expect others to work for what they get, too. Since they don't expect to get handouts, they don't give them lightly, either."


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Unlike Capricorn, Gemini will devote all their free time to socializing. But as the extroverted, gossip of the zodiac, they're often flitting from friend group to friend group with little regard for who truly needs their time.

They thrive on entertaining others but are not usually inclined to purchase a birthday gift or treat someone to a meal.

"In the worst-case scenario, Geminis may become too egotistical and self-centered," says Alta. "They may simply not see the point in showing their generosity if they get nothing in return."

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Taurus has a reputation for being materialistic. "They adore the beauty of life, luxurious things, and pricey clothes," Alta notes, so they will personally indulge in the finer things in life from time to time.

But they're only willing to loosen their purse straps for others if they've first gotten what they want, and if they don't deem a purchase frivolous. Alta says this stubborn sign often "refuses to spend money if they think a purchase is irrational."


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As the firstborns of the zodiac, Aries often find themselves in leadership positions, says Alta—but this means they don't like giving up control or helping others advance to their level.

This even applies to situations outside the workplace. For example, they'll always pick the restaurant you go to. And once the bill comes, don't expect them to pay a penny more than their share. They like their money where they can see it and aren't known for indulging others.


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Aquarius is considered the smartest zodiac sign, always with their head in a book or watching the latest documentary. They'll often be distracted, thinking about their next great idea or how they can solve the world's problems.

"They don't focus on money and material things at all," says Alta. They'll fail to remember your anniversary and most likely won't ever splurge on diamonds.

But this sign loves giving back in a bigger-picture way and will often donate to special causes they care about.

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Leo is the showman of the zodiac. If someone tries to steal the spotlight from them, a very non-generous side will come out. But interestingly, Thomas says this is because they want everyone around them to feel good and have fun—and they'll do everything in their power to make that happen.

"Money is there to make things happen to them, and to ones close to them—and they like to share it," Thomas adds.

Get ready for your Leo friend to offer up lavish experiences or second-hand items. You can rest assured they're not expecting anything in return.


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Libras are known for being fair, extroverted, and friendly—traits that make them uniquely generous.

"Libra will make time not just for her loved ones but also for people in need," says Lorena Thomas, a certified astrologer and writer at Her Way. "For a Libra, humanitarian work comes naturally, and they do it without expecting anything in return."

This sign is smart with money but doesn't think twice about giving to a good cause or friend. So, if you need a listening ear, call your Libra pal. They'll provide great conversation and maybe even a free round of drinks.


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Sagittarius' adventurous spirit might make you think they'd ditch you in your time of need, but astrologers say they actually show up in a big way.

"They are naturally gregarious and almost delusionally optimistic," says Sasha Zimnitsky, professional astrologer at The Vertex. "They always give way more than they get—but they're not worried about it. They're the master manifestors of the zodiac and what they give comes back to them in spades."

In other words, your Sagittarius friend will give you their last $5 bill only to find a $10 bill on the sidewalk two minutes later.

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You probably know your Cancer friend as the "mom" of the group—and what are moms if not generous?

"Cancer is the most nurturing sign that wants everybody to be safe," explains Smith. "They'll be the first to notice if someone needs something, and they are quick to provide it if they can." This includes giving a shoulder to cry on or sending a thoughtful little gift.

According to Zimnitsky, another bonus for this sign is that "they especially like to show their love through home-cooked meals." Yum.


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Like Cancer, Pisces is a sensitive water sign. But of all the zodiac members, Pisces is arguably the most empathetic, especially when it comes to those less fortunate than them.

"They love to see kindness in action, so they'll often be the ones to rise to the challenge to sacrifice what's theirs for those in need," says Smith.

Unfortunately, this sign sometimes has trouble setting boundaries—and their generosity can occasionally go too far. As astrologer Virginia Castiglione says, "Pisces will go into debt to help you."


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In most aspects of their life, Virgo is methodical and organized, sometimes to a fault. But when someone needs their help, they'll throw caution to the wind.

"They'll clear their schedule with no hesitation to help out or simply offer emotional support to a friend in crisis," says Castiglione. "They're the kind of friend you can rely on to spend their day off fixing some stuff at your house or helping you move."

Just be sure you don't push them too far: Like Pisces, Virgo doesn't always know how to set boundaries with their generosity. They'll give and give until there's nothing left for themselves.

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