Zodiac Signs That Are Most and Least Affectionate, According to Astrologers

Find out where you fall on the touchy-feely spectrum.

Does PDA give you goosebumps? Would you prefer a cordial handshake with a new friend over a hug? Well, then you might be one of the least affectionate zodiac signs. According to astrologers, where your date of birth falls on the horoscope calendar could determine this trait. Likewise, it could also dictate who's the most affectionate—never shy to slap a smooch on their partner in public and always ready to embrace a stranger. Curious where you fall on the touchy-feely spectrum? Keep reading for a full ranking, from the least to the most affectionate zodiac signs.

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It's not that Capricorns don't care about people; in fact, a large part of why they work so hard is to provide for their loved ones. But ultimately, all that time spent at the office means they don't have time for affection, says Tara Bennet, astrologer and spiritual coach at Mediumchat. "They are unbelievably self-controlled," she notes.

Jill Loftis of Nuit Astrology adds that Capricorns show "love and affection in ways that might not feel particularly emotional or sweet."

If you're feeling down in the dumps over losing your job, for example, they'll be the first to help you update your resume—but don't expect a sympathetic hug.


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Aquarius is not without a heart. They're the humanitarian of the zodiac and will always put time and effort into causes they believe in. But when it comes down to it, they'd rather spend time by themselves.

"Intellectual loners, Aquarius just aren't relaxed around people," explains Bennet. "They prefer to stay on the outskirts and find it hard to show their emotions."

If it's a topic in a textbook or a scientific study, these air signs will have no problem grasping it. However, "they often don't notice others' distress or discomfort and have to work at understanding emotional responses," agrees Loftis.


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As the world traveler of the zodiac, Sagittarius has no problem spontaneously stepping outside their comfort zone or meeting new people.

But they like to keep others at arm's length and have a difficult time committing. They value their freedom and adventurous lifestyle more than personal relationships.

Bennet cautions that you won't want to mistake Sagittarius' flirtatious nature for affection: "They… enjoy the thrill of the chase, but long term is just not their thing. They always have their eye on their next conquest."

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Christopher Renstrom, author of The Cosmic Calendar, describes Scorpio as "calculating and tough." They are emotional water signs, but they keep their feelings buried deep inside, presenting a closed-off, mysterious exterior.

Like Sagittarius, you might find this sign all over you, but their highly sexual nature should not be confused with all-abiding love.

"They love to tease and use affection as a tool to get their way," explains Bennet. "When you are the subject of their attention your entire world lights up. But always remember, darkness follows the light."


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As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries exhibits great leadership skills. But with this comes fierce ambition and a desire to "win" at any cost.

"Aries are competitive by nature in every aspect of their lives," shares Bennet. "Romantically, they keep score and give as much affection as they are given."

Another characteristic of this sign's can-do attitude is that they're more comfortable speaking at people. "They are more verbal than physical, showing affection through words rather than intimacy," Bennet adds.


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Surprised to see super-social Gemini in the bottom half of this list? While they may be the life of the party, they're not as comfortable entering into deep relationships.

"Geminis are the definition of commitment-phobes," says Bennet. "Their duality and lack of sincerity, teamed with their flirtatious nature, makes them lovable rogues."

Maria Hayes, astrologer and tarot reader at Trusted Astrology, also points out that if they're into someone, they'll show affection "through jokes, games, and even idle chat." In other words, Geminis will friend-zone you without even trying.

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Leo is perhaps the only sign more outgoing than Gemini. They won't think twice about striking up a conversation with a stranger, nor will they hesitate to get things going on the dance floor.

This bold personality means their affection will often be on full display. "In romance, Leo loves to wow their partner with over-the-top gestures and shows affection through physical intimacy," shares relationship astrologer Anna Kovach.

But do remember that this sign loves nothing more than being the center of attention. In many cases, "Leos prefer to be worshipped rather than shower affection on others," cautions Bennet.


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Yes, Virgo is a perfectionist and likes things done a certain way. This gets them a bad rap for being closed off and stoic, but the truth is that they ultimately want what's best for those around them.

"Virgos are so pure of heart," states Bennet. "They're slow to commit, but when they do, they'll shower their partner with affection and love."

And even in the interim, Hayes says that these earth signs will demonstrate their affection through a "willingness to sacrifice for those they hold close."


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As a sign ruled by Venus, the planet of romance and beauty, it goes without saying that Taurus is an affectionate sign.

"These bulls take their time to get to know you, but when they do, they're all in," shares Bennet. "Nothing is too much for them, and they'll show their love from morning to night."

Well known as a practical and grounded zodiac member, Taurus values "nothing more than cuddling up on the sofa watching an old movie," Bennet adds. But do keep in mind that they're likely to keep these displays of affection behind closed doors.

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This is the other sign ruled by Venus. "Affection is a way of life for a Libra, coming naturally and never forced," says Bennet.

Part of this has to do with their friendly disposition. It also comes from their diplomatic nature; they can always see both sides of a situation, so even if they believe you're in the wrong, they can recognize that you might just need a hug.

"They flirt their way through life, always having space in their hearts for everyone they meet," adds Bennet. "Libras are born romantic and not afraid of big gestures."


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The zodiac signs taking the top two spots on this list are both water signs, meaning they're governed by their emotions. When it comes to Pisces, this means they "dream of finding their 'big love,'" says Bennet.

Kovach points out that physical affection gives this sign reassurance in a relationship. "They love to hold hands, cuddle in bed, and even snuggle for hours while listening to music or watching television," she says.

The only drawback to Pisces' overt affection is that they can have trouble defining boundaries. "They will over-give, over-love, over-help, over-empathize, and over-forgive," shares author and astrologer Lisa Barretta.


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Cancer is the most affectionate zodiac sign. If you enter into a relationship with them, be prepared for ample PDA.

"These crabs are totally at home with their emotions. Holding hands seems like the most natural thing to do," explains Bennet. "Natural empaths, they know precisely when someone needs a hug and never hold back."

And their affection doesn't end with romantic partners. "Cancers are known to be the 'mom friend,'" says professional tarot reader and astrologer Crescent. "Their energy is like coming home to a fresh batch of cookies—sweet and warm."

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