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The Most Incompatible Zodiac Signs, According to an Astrologer

Looking for romantic guidance? An astrologer shares the zodiac sign you should avoid dating.

Falling in love can be a beautiful thing, but getting there can be quite a journey. Some people click with you instantly, but others get on your nerves right away. And in some rare cases, there are people you can't stand to be in the same room as. To avoid dating someone you're completely incompatible with, we asked Best Life's resident astrologer to demystify the astrology of romance. Keep reading to find out which sign you should steer clear of and why your energies just don't vibe.

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Lauren Ash is a professional astrologer, writer, and podcast host. She writes horoscopes for USA Today and works as a columnist for Best Life, InStyle, Mane Addicts, and Reader's Digest. Follow Lauren on Twitter and Instagram or subscribe to her blog for monthly horoscopes.

Aries: Capricorn

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Aries has a big, bold, and, at times, brash personality. You don't wait for permission to do what you want; nothing is going to stop you from expressing yourself authentically. But this means you like to get your way and can have a bit of a hot temper when you don't. So, you need a partner who's more easygoing and flexible than you are.

While you admire the work ethic and loyalty that Capricorns display, you can't help but fight each other for control of the relationship. Capricorns are just as ambitious and stubborn as you, which means a relationship between these signs often leads to disagreements and bickering.

Taurus: Libra

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You're very confident in your skills and abilities, and you don't feel the need to prove yourself to other people. Tauruses prefer moving slowly and deliberately so you can do things right the first time. You consider yourself a very loyal and reliable partner and value those qualities in others. You're looking for a partner who can take things easy and share life's little moments.

While you may feel a romantic attraction to fellow Venus-ruled sign Libra, there's a serious lack of communication between the two of you. You prefer to face problems directly and address issues head-on, while Libra is averse to conflict and less willing to express their feelings. There's no doubt these two signs make incredible friends, but the long-term compatibility doesn't look as promising.

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Gemini: Virgo

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Gemini is fun, flirty, and super social. You like to keep things light and breezy, including your dating life. You want a partner who feels like a best friend, where everything is effortlessly easy and enjoyable. Your favorite relationships are the ones that make you laugh until you cry and where you can tell each other anything without fear of judgment.

That's why it's unlikely you and Virgo would make a long-lasting pair. Virgo is the meticulous planner of the zodiac. Their high-strung personality is sure to clash with your more free-spirited vibe. You think they take things too seriously, and they think you don't take them seriously enough. And the constant back-and-forth likely to happen between you two should be a sign to steer clear.

Cancer: Aquarius

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Cancer is looking for that once-in-a-lifetime romance. You need a lot of verbal affirmations and thoughtful little gifts to feel cared for. As a water sign, you wear your heart on your sleeve and need a partner who is equally tuned into their emotions. When you're in love, you are very outwardly affectionate, and you need that same attention in return.

Cancers often find themselves attracted to Aquarius because you're both very giving and loyal. But finding the emotional connection you're looking for with this standoffish air sign is easier said than done. Aquarians don't often share what they're feeling and have a hard time articulating their emotions and frustrations. This can cause Cancer to feel blocked off and dejected. Again, this is a classic case of better friends than lovers.

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Leo: Taurus

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Leo is looking for a love that burns hot and bright. You like to take the lead in your relationships. Sometimes your fiery spirit can lead you to be impulsive or hot-tempered, but you always speak from the heart, and your loyalty is unquestionable. You need a partner who isn't afraid to get in touch with their sensitive side and doesn't mind stepping back and letting you call the shots.

There's no question that Taurus' romantic and flirtatious vibe is attractive to you. But this stubborn sign won't budge. It's just a matter of time before a disagreement comes up between the two of you and things get heated. Between your pride and their tendency to dig their heels in, it's unlikely your issues will get resolved.

Virgo: Sagittarius

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Love is in the details and nobody knows that better than perfectionist Virgo. It takes more than romantic notes and surprise chocolates to make a relationship last. You're willing to put your full effort into a partnership, and you expect a significant other to put the work in, too. Your ideal match is as ambitious and thoughtful as you are and will take the time to notice the little things that make you special.

While you and Sagittarius are sure to make each other laugh, your lifestyles couldn't be more incompatible. Sagittarius needs freedom and doesn't like to put labels on things if they can avoid it. Meanwhile, you need a solid and firm commitment from your partner before you feel comfortable opening up. It would take a lot of patience and conscious effort between the pair of you to find a balance that worked; which is why this romance is better left in your dreams.

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Libra: Cancer

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As one of the most romantic signs of the zodiac, Libras have high expectations when it comes to love. You need to be with someone who can follow through with their promises. Additionally, you like to keep things pretty relaxed and easygoing. And while you're not afraid to get in touch with your feelings, you simply can't deal with a partner who gets moody or jealous.

It's easy to see why you're attracted to Cancer. Thoughtful and endearing, they make some of the most attentive partners. However, Cancers can be incredibly petty and emotionally cold when they feel scorned. They're not above playing games if they thinkg they've been wronged. And while you're able to justify just about anything for your lover, you can't fix a problem if you can't talk about it. So while it may hurt your heart to say, you're probably better off friends.

Scorpio: Leo

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Scorpios might be the most mysterious sign of the zodiac, but it's no mystery who you're attracted to. Though you play it cool, there's a red-hot passion burning deep in your heart. You are looking for a partner who can see beyond the façade and get to know the real you. Once you feel safe enough to open up, you're one of the sappiest people around. You prefer a low-key partnership with lots of quality time and intimacy.

While you might be attracted to the charm and charisma that Leos display, their over-the-top personalities can be too much for you. It doesn't help that Leo is one of the only signs who can match your passion and stubbornness. Fights and disagreements are bound to bubble up between you two. And when neither of you is willing to budge, your relationship will go nowhere fast.

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Sagittarius: Pisces

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Love is all about taking risks and putting yourself out there, something Sagittarians have no trouble doing. You love the flexibility and freedom that comes with a no-strings-attached lifestyle, which is why you're pretty dodgy when it comes to making things official. Your ideal partner won't try to slow you down or keep you to themselves; in fact, they'll encourage your spontaneous spirit.

Pisces is a tricky match for Sagittarius. You both have laid-back personalities, and you share a similar mindset when it comes to dating. The trouble lies in how you communicate. Pisces are very emotional and like to talk about their feelings, whereas feisty and fiery Sagittarius prefers honest and blunt communication. This stark contrast in how you express yourselves is likely to end things before they can get started.

Capricorn: Gemini

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Capricorn takes a practical approach to dating. You know a lifelong romance doesn't happen overnight, so you take your time getting to know someone before settling down. Capricorns are known for their consistency, so it's no surprise that your biggest dating pet peeve is somebody who is unreliable. Whether it's forgetting an important date or always showing up late, you have a low tolerance for people who don't take the relationship as seriously as you do.

Although you admire the clever solutions that Geminis can often think up, you have a hard time connecting with them on a deeper level. Geminis like to keep things casual and loose, while you prefer decisive commitment. In a relationship, Gemini is likely to feel that Capricorn is boring and unadventurous, while you're apt to think that Gemini is too wishy-washy. It's best to save your time and skip a first date altogether.

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Aquarius: Scorpio

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Aquarius is the eccentric wildcard when it comes to dating. While you don't have a single type, you're pretty selective about who you date, and there has to be something unique about the other person to pique your interest. For you, love is about two people coming together despite their differences. So, you need a partner who has their own interesting and exciting life and respects your need for personal space and freedom.

That's why, despite your magnetic attraction to them, Scorpios are too much for you to handle. They might seem casual and easygoing at first, but they have a jealous streak that can lead them to play petty games when they're feeling ignored. You're also both the type to stand your ground in arguments and have difficulty seeing the problem from the other person's perspective. So while you might have great sexual chemistry with a Scorpio, be warned that you could get scorned.

Pisces: Aries

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Pisces in love is passionate and intense. Extremely intuitive and sensitive, you have a lot of feelings to share. As a water sign, you're very tuned in to the moods of people around you and go out of your way to make them feel comfortable. You'll give endlessly to a partner until there's nothing left, so you must be with someone who gives just as much as they take.

Pisces and Aries have an intense attraction to one another. Few people can live up to your expectation of a fairytale romance like this fire sign. But be warned—the flames can be extinguished just as quickly as they spark. Aries tend to be more assertive and authoritative in relationships, often overpowering your more subtle communication style. This difference in how you express your points of view is one of the key reasons a relationship between you two won't last.

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