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The Zodiac Sign Most Likely to Fall in Love, According to Astrologers

These signs just "can't help falling in love."

Falling in love is a magical thing. As you grow closer to your person, your mood is lighter, the world is brighter, and your everyday worries seem to float away. Once you're decidedly "in love," you might even miss those early days of infatuation, adoration, and butterflies. Unfortunately, falling in love can be rare—some people only experience it once, others a handful of times, and others never at all. If you want to know your odds, look at your horoscope. Here, astrologers tell us the zodiac signs most likely to fall in love, from those who crush hard to those who live like they're in a rom-com.

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Because Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, relationships, and beauty, you might be surprised they're not higher on our list. However, Alice Altaresident astrologer for the Futurio horoscope app, explains that this sign can prioritize romance so much it prevents them from truly falling in love.

"They may enter a relationship simply for the sake of a relationship, just because they value love highly," she says. "They may start a romance easily, but this doesn't mean that a Libra is in love." Before defining the relationship, a Libra must ensure they're doing it for the right reasons—and not simply because they like how it sounds to be partnered up.


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This sign falls fast and hard, but it doesn't always last. "When Rams fall in love, they see nothing and nobody around, getting fully absorbed in this feeling—they are simply 100 percent confident in their choice," says Alta. "But when they experience energy decline, their thinking may turn 180 degrees, making them doubt their feelings." Once that happens, Aries might ditch the relationship and split with their partner. So, how can they fall and stay in love?

"Aries representatives should always keep in mind that love is a long journey filled with endless ups and downs and that during the period of falls, it's better to take a wait-and-see position and not to make any far-reaching conclusions," says Alta. With time, their feelings will likely rebound in a positive direction.

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These experts in communication find partners easily, making it simple for them to fall in love. "As their life is full of interesting contacts and acquaintances, situations where simple communication turns into a serious relationship are pretty common for them," says Alta. "So, Geminis usually have numerous romantic opportunities, but a typical Mercurian's feelings are pretty unstable."

They can switch from partner to partner quickly, moving on when their feelings falter. After a breakup, Alta notes they're unlikely to suffer. "Instead, they will go out into the big world in search of new opportunities," she explains.


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Well-dressed, stylish, and a lover of luxury and creature comforts, Taurus thrives in the realm of romance. "Being ruled by the relationship planet of Venus, they are extremely romantic and are strongly attached to those they find as love interests, which leads them to easily fall in love," says coach and astrologer Linda Berry. "Having a strong sense of nostalgia, they will repeat past interludes that were of satisfaction to their partners, creating a deep yearning in their love relationships."

In other words, their unions aren't one-sided—a Taurus's partner will be just as smitten with Taurus as Taurus is with them.


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When you envision a Cancer, you probably imagine them snuggled up at home, their partner by their side. Indeed, this sign values its relationships dearly.

"Ruled by the moon, coupled with being a water sign, they're natural nurturers that understand the human heart better than any other zodiac sign, making them one of the easiest signs to fall in love," says Berry. "These individuals can be exceptionally understanding, comforting, and kind, and also have feelings for those they love on a deep emotional level." Their relationships are just as cozy, sincere, and nurturing as they are.

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Pisces can't help but fall in love easily—romance is written in the stars for them. "Pisceans make an incredible lover because they have an extreme desire to serve others," says Berry. "This trait, coupled with being an emotional water sign along with being ruled by the planet Neptune—non-existent boundaries—makes them one of the easiest signs in the zodiac to fall in love."

In their relationships, they're incredible listeners (this sign is practically psychic in its ability to understand others) and nurturing. They connect on a deep emotional level that's valued by their partner.

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