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This Zodiac Sign Is the Biggest Homebody, According to Astrologers

Cozy sweats? Check. Netflix? Check. For some, this is the perfect night.

Just like Dorothy said in The Wizard of Oz, "there's no place like home." And if you're a certain type of person, this is probably more true than you may like to admit. More extroverted folks would prefer to constantly be out and about, only stopping home to sleep and shower. For others, though, the thought of this is like a nightmare. What's so bad about a cozy night in pajamas watching a movie? Or hosting an intimate dinner party for friends? Astrologers say it could be one's horoscope that dictates their preference for going out or staying in. Read on to discover the zodiac signs that are the biggest homebodies, from mild introverts to antisocial brooders.

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Sags might be considered the world travelers of the zodiac, but they secretly love their privacy. "Sagittarius is often seen as one of the more extroverted and adventurous signs of the zodiac, but they're actually surprisingly dedicated to protecting what's theirs, including their home and belongings," explains Ms. IGee, a spirituality expert and astrologer at Higher Vibes Online.

Sure, they love being out and trying new things, but when it comes to entertaining, they "would prefer to be in the comfort of their familiar surroundings," says Ms. IGee. She explains that they tend to overthink things, so this setting allows them to be in control.



Aries are completely independent. And much of the time, that means they like to be left alone because they know they can entertain themselves. They'll hit a museum or see a concert solo without a second thought.

"Aries loves their private time to create, organize and reflect," notes Ms. IGee. She explains that this sign prefers not to have to worry about what others think of their self-sufficient ways. "A judgment-free zone is where an Aries feels powerful, so unless someone can provide that in company, they will likely stay away from unsure public spaces."

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Virgos are such perfectionists that it can get overwhelming being out in the world. They also believe that no one can do things as well as they can, so they often prefer their own company. "Virgo is very detail-oriented and loves a safe, clean space to be their naturally analytical strange self," notes Ms. Igee. Plus, she adds, "disorganization makes them crazy." They'll see all the dust at your house, but they know their space is spotless.

In addition, Virgo's earth sign nature means "they love to be nurturing and have a natural knack for domesticity, gardening, and helping others," explains Kyle Thomas, pop culture astrologer and horoscope writer. Virgos can socialize with the best of them, but once they're done, they'll retreat home. "They can have an introverted nature, which allows them to prefer privacy and seclusion to recharge," adds Thomas.


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Aquarians are in their own little world. They could spend hours online researching their latest obsession and would never miss human companionship (except maybe to tell someone else what they learned). "The slow-paced Aquarian loves to isolate themselves to gain peace and clarity," Ms. Igee explains.

Like Virgos, Aquarians will occasionally hit a party, but they'll need plenty of time to decompress after. "As extroverted as Aquarians can be, don't be surprised when they turn off their phones and stop responding to texts or calls when they have the need to recharge alone," Ms. Igee says. She also points out that this is often more of a necessity than a preference, as they're "easily bothered by other peoples' energy [so they] must recharge in isolation consistently or they may become emotionally unstable."

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Thomas notes that Pisces is "ruled by Neptune, the planet of spiritually, and Jupiter, the planet of hope." Therefore, they truly adore relaxing, whether it's doing an at-home spa treatment or cozying up with a good book and a cup of hot tea.

Similar to Virgo, though, Pisces often requires this alone time to feel their best. This ultra-sensitive water sign can't help but take on others' emotions, so it can be overwhelming for them to spend time with a lot of people. Their solo time is how they ground themselves and refocus their energy. For this reason, Pisces would also prefer a work-from-home job that allows them to focus on their artistic side. "They are incredibly creative and love home projects that bring joy to others," says forensic astrologer Valerie Evans. For them, this is the best of both worlds.


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Cancer is "traditionally the sign that is recognized as a homebody," notes Evans. They thrive when they're nurturing their loved ones. If a family member gets sick, they'll step into the kitchen and whip up some chicken soup. If it's a friend's birthday, they'll host a dinner party. They love being at home and curate their spaces to become their inner sanctums.

But it can be hard to drag them out when they'd much rather spend time with Netflix and a cozy new recipe. "Cancer, the crab, looks to their 'shell' for the necessary sense of security and stability they desire," Ms. Igee explains. It doesn't help that they don't feel entirely themselves when around new people. "They can easily become anxious or overwhelmed with too much time away from home," Ms. Igee adds.

Thomas says much of this is because "Cancers are ruled by the moon, which is a very self-reflective and nostalgic luminary." Therefore, Cancer is a born caretaker who truly thrives when embracing their domestic life.

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