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The Most Emotionally Unavailable Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

They'll shut you out faster than you can say "breakup."

Emotionally available people wear their hearts on their sleeves. They're always ready to help a friend with a chore, task, or shoulder to cry on, and they approach both romantic and platonic relationships with empathy, care, and sensitivity. Emotionally unavailable folks do the opposite. They're the friend you pass on if you're truly upset—no matter how great they are in other aspects of your relationship—and they're often hesitant to open up to new people. In other words, they're closed off, aloof, and, sometimes, so chilly it hurts those around them. This trait, however, could be determined by their horoscope sign. Read on to hear from astrologers about the most emotionally unavailable zodiac signs, from the slightly dispassionate to the oddly unfeeling.

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Virgo may not feel emotionally unavailable, but their actions could lead others to believe they are—and that's what lands them a spot on our list. "With their critical mindset, these know-it-alls can set a world record for the fastest detection of flaws, mistakes, and shortcomings and suggesting ways to correct them," says Alice Altaresident astrologer for the Futurio horoscope app. "For more sensitive and emotional people, this picky approach may be repulsive."

However, this sign's representatives aren't as closed off as they appear, and if you need them to help you with a task or errand, they'll be on your doorstep in a flash. Starting a relationship with one? Expect them to move slowly, says Alta. "They need time to make sure their partner is reliable and won't play any lousy tricks on them," she explains. Moving too quickly could cause them to bolt, further adding to the sense that they're emotionally unavailable.


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One of Sagittarius' most famous traits is their unwavering positivity. And while that trait is amazing in some situations, it can make them seem emotionally avoidant in others. "Sagittarians aren't ones for heart-to-heart conversations," says Charlotte Kirsten, professional astrologer and founder of astrology and esoteric blog Typically Topical. "Famous for their blindly optimistic ways, the fiery archer prefers to remain detached from anything that could trigger their deeper, darker feelings to arise."

Oddly enough, staying out of the emotional field is a protective measure for a Sag. "They know if they allow their emotions to overwhelm them, it will deeply impact their adventurous and free-spirited nature," says Kirsten. "Rather than lose a core part of who they are, they'll act cool and indifferent as a form of self-preservation."

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Contrary to Sagittarius, Scorpio is the sign you should call when you want to brood—but not when you want to celebrate. "Showing positive emotions is a real challenge for them—they favor expressing negative ones," says Alta. "These enigmas can eagerly show that they're angry or jealous but may lock up the feelings of tenderness. Instead of paying a compliment to someone they like, overwhelmed Scorpios might throw a malicious remark at them."

In romance, you may assume a Scorpio is not interested simply because they're unable to express their vulnerability. Fortunately, Alta notes it is possible for them to change. "To achieve this, they may interact with animals, spend time outdoors, or take up creative hobbies like cooking or floristry," she says. It's all about getting in touch with their inner lightness.


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This sign's method of giving affection is to show not tell. "For this reason, these protectors tend to demonstrate their feelings by saving up for a new house or a luxurious family vacation," says Alta. "If their partner's car breaks down and gets stuck on the road, a superhero Capricorn will immediately stop whatever they're doing and come to their significant other's rescue." But often, these actions aren't enough, especially for a partner who requires romance or emotional vulnerability.

As it turns out, this detachment is deep-rooted. A Capricorn may have intense internal emotions but keeps them hidden. "Born climbers, Capricorns may perceive their vulnerability as their Achilles' heel and a sign of shameful weakness," says Alta. "To help themselves, mountain goats should try to remove their mask of aloofness and invulnerability and finally bare their hearts." If they don't, an explosion of emotions could be inevitable. And at that point, it's not helpful for anyone involved.

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In this sign's mind, there are bigger fish to fry than dealing with other peoples' feelings. "Driven by humanitarian pursuits and social justice, these high-level thinkers love nothing more than discussing grand plans, innovative schemes, and unconventional strategies to transform society," says Kirsten. "But, when emotions, intuition, and feelings are involved, Aquarius is quick to turn the other way."

If you visit them with an emotional crisis—say, revealing you have a massive crush on them or need a shoulder to cry on through a death in the family—they could turn away or act coldly. "Nothing drives an Aquarius into the arms of another person quite like the messy, chaotic nature of feelings," Kirsten adds. "It's not that they don't care per se, they just have bigger and better things to focus on." Oof.


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You likely know your Gemini friends as outgoing, curious, and rambunctious. But when they're in a relationship, this excitable sign is a flight risk. "The moment they sense a relationship moving into serious territory and realize they need to open up and be vulnerable, they bolt," says Alta. "Geminis possess a deep-rooted fear of being rejected and feeling trapped, in all meanings of the word; fear of being suffocated, fear of being hurt, fear of settling for the wrong person, fear of missing out, etc."

At a certain point, these internal fears take over and a Gemini will run. And guess what? You might not even get them to be vulnerable—or allow you do to the same—before that happens. It's emotional unavailability at its finest.

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